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Tradaculator: New Game Trade-in Service

Posted October 10th, 2011 at 9:32am by Dan Birlew in Industry Insider. Comments Off on Tradaculator: New Game Trade-in Service

Tradaculator.com is a fantastic new website where gamers can see the trade-in values of top selling video games, and compare major retailers. The front page is sorted by newest release, so that you can immediately see what your new copy of Gears of War 3 or Rage is worth if you’re not happy with them. Tradaculator also features a search engine so you can look for older titles, and AJAX scrolling populates the site with more entries as you move down the page. Though the best trade-in value is shown beneath each, clicking the price button beneath an entry shows a tab of price entries from Amazon, Best Buy and Glyde for comparison. The “Trade It In” button allows you to set up an online game trade with the retailer featuring the best trade-in value.

In a brief chat, site creator “nate” told me the following:

…we aren’t making any money on this. We built it for our community of gamers…¬†our site is fully responsive and was built under 10K.

So before you buy this fall’s hottest titles, make sure to trade in those old games you aren’t playing anymore toward the purchase price of new ones, and check Tradaculator.com for the best deals. This site provides a completely free service and benefit to the community. With lots of community support and visits, it’s entirely possible that Tradaculator will grow to feature prices from more retailers.

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