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Star Ocean Second Evolution Strategy Guide

Posted January 20th, 2009 at 6:00am by Dan Birlew in New Book!. 5 Comments on Star Ocean Second Evolution Strategy Guide

After co-authoring the official strategy guide for Star Ocean First Departure on the PSP, picking right up with the next game seemed natural enough. Michael Lummis and I took much the same approach to Second Evolution as we did on the previous guide. Inside the book you’ll find complete maps with item callouts, pickpocket lists, boss locations and more. We break down the game by areas, starting with an illustrative flowchart that shows you how the game changes based on your choice of main protagonist: Claude Kenny or Rena Lanford. All the events in each area are documented by protagonist’s viewpoint, with variations and notes regarding important character recruitment opportunities along the way. Another chapter explores all the extra quests, such as the interesting mini-games to play at Fun City as well as other special events. There’s also maps and a complete walkthrough for the challenging bonus dungeon players can only explore after reaching the final boss. Plus you’ll find strategies for the regular final boss as well as his ultra-powered up version. Quite frankly, we tore this game apart!

Star Ocean Second Evolution OSGThe private actions are covered in their own chapter this time, with maps showing whereabouts each PA occurs. Objective lists in the walkthrough show you when these PAs come about, and then you can turn to the private action chapter to get the details. Additional chapters feature all playable characters, a complete recruitment guide, an instructional chapter on how to play the game and develop your skills from amateur to pro, and complete sections explaining all character skills, items, equipment, and more. There really is no greater resource for Star Ocean Second Evolution anywhere. The guide releases January 20th everywhere Star Ocean games are sold.

Here’s what some nice people at Amazon.com had to say regarding the Star Ocean First Departure Guide, giving you an idea of what to expect this time around:

“It’s a well done guide filled with a ton of information. If you need to master Star Ocean: First Departure, this guide will actually help you do it.” Sean

“The authors could have chosen a single path, filled pages with charts of weapons, and called it a day. . .  Here the authors went the extra mile and covered not just the branching plots, but a lot of “behind the scenes” formulas used to calculate various skills and talents and the hidden “affection ratings” characters have for each other. The optional dungeon gets full coverage, too. There are a few small issues; the amount of detail can make it hard to see the “big picture” sometimes. But “too much information” is a nitpick at best!”Brian J. Parker

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5 Responses to “Star Ocean Second Evolution Strategy Guide”

  1. Even though I’m rarely one to sit down and go page-by-page with a strategy guide, I’d have to say that Star Ocean: Second Evolution is one of the few games where a strategy guide is an absolute must. With multiple main characters, a ton of optional characters and sidequests, and more items and crafting than I could have ever expected, this guide is invaluable to anyone who truly loves the game. Or even for those who just want to make sure they’re “doing it right.”

    Either way, I can’t wait to grab my copy and start up my second playthrough. Thanks, Dan!

  2. Hey, it’s me!

    I sure do wish every game with multiple paths and sidequests and hidden formulas got such quality treatment. Anyone who plays a lot of RPGs has probably seen some of the stinkers, which I won’t name here…

    I was just checking your website to make sure you were involved with this new guide before ordering it. (I wish BradyGames didn’t obscure the authors as if you were Atari 2600-era programmers!)

    • 🙂 Thanks for the great quote at Amazon, Brian. We did this guide as closely as possible to the last guide, with the one improvement (in our opinion) of moving PAs to their own chapter and providing separate maps therein. The PAs are still called out in the guide’s objective lists as they occur in each area. We felt it was better organization.

      Regarding the author byline, it’s not always up to BradyGames. Brady is better than many license publishers about giving bylines, and they’re great to work with!

  3. Brady also make the best guides IMO. Prima are good, but there’s something I like about the Brady ones.