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Something is Happening in Minecraft Twitter, and it’s a Real Thing

Posted April 26th, 2017 at 11:42am by Dan Birlew in Minecraft, Social Media. No Comments on Something is Happening in Minecraft Twitter, and it’s a Real Thing

It started on April 1st (a day to be wary of all things on the Internet, as is)… a series of tweets from the Minecraft community on Twitter about features of the popular game Minecraft being copied into real life. Minecraft is a sandbox game that can either be used as a creative building tool, or played as a sandbox survival game. In survival mode, the player has to explore an Earth-like world and gather resources, by chopping down trees or mining ores out of the ground with a pickaxe. The game is obviously inspired by real life trades such as lumber-jacking and coal mining, but the resource gathering can be quite immersive. But, being April Fool’s Day, some players decided it would be funny to pretend that Minecraft came first, and the world is trying to catch up.

The series appears to start with a post by @Cbeast3:

Hilarious! Yes, someone has now made forests because they saw them in Minecraft. Good thing Minecraft creator Notch Persson came up with the idea of forests as a brilliant source for wood to build your houses with. 😉

But the next day, @iElexify kept the April Fool’s Day vibe going:

And the posts kept coming. Suddenly it became a funny reply to pix of someone’s strange camping trip:

Someone discovered that entire deserts have been copied right out of the game:

We can all go fishing now! Good luck catching leather boots and enchanted books from your local water source block:

And nature is now more breathtaking than ever, thanks to Minecraft:

Even villages! What about other structures? I want to visit a Nether Fortress!

Those too!!! OMG I’m totally looking forward to tearing that down for cobblestone!

What??? YAAAzzzz! Ocelots are even cuter in real life, yo.

Yes, people of Earth! Please keep making things from Minecraft into real things.

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