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Vagrant Story: Snowfly Forest Map

Posted March 29th, 2011 at 8:00am by Dan Birlew in Strategy Guides. 1 Comment on Vagrant Story: Snowfly Forest Map

Some of you may recall a blog post from a few weeks ago where I got all excited that the PSOne Classic Vagrant Story was available on PSN. Having always wanted to play it on handheld I purchased the digital version and I’ve been leisurely replaying it in my off hours.

So let’s talk about the Snowfly Forest area. 😳 Yeah, that whole mess. This is a warp labyrinth stage typical of older RPGs, where the connections between areas aren’t as logical as what you see on the map. Exiting through point A doesn’t take you to point B; instead, you enter point J. Player confusion is intentional. Once I remembered this, I took out my personal copy of the Vagrant Story Official Strategy Guide I wrote. As anyone who’s read it can testify, this isn’t a very easy map to follow in the guide. At the time you’re writing something, your work makes all the sense in the world. But sometimes, as in this case, it just doesn’t translate from the author’s mind to the reader’s. Apart from being hard to read, there are a couple mistakes on it as well. On the other hand, what few mistakes there are tend to be quite egregious, and not my usual style. Which leads me to wonder whether these are my mistakes or production errors. I simply can’t recall. Either way, it happens.

I doubt this rectifies the matter, but I’ve created a new version of the Snowfly Forest map, for your viewing pleasure here. At first glance, you’ll probably think this map isn’t much easier to read than the one in the guide. But refer to the key at the bottom, and it should make more sense.

To cut straight through the Forest all you have to do is follow the double red arrows — which signify standard navigation — to the southwest. Defeat the Earth Dragon, then go back through the north exit of his area and head east two areas to “The Yellow Wood.” Head south through a straight stretch guarded by a Fire Elemental, and you’ll arrive at the “Forest River.” Jump across the river using the columns, defeat the undead on the other side, and head north. At “Running with the Wolves” go east, then head straight north to the boss fight against Grissom and the Dark Crusader.

Of course that won’t help you get 100% map coverage by the end of the game, so you’ll want to visit all areas of the Snowfly Forest. For that, you’ll need some serious help.

On the new map I’ve provided, one-way routes are marked by a single red arrow. This means that you can go to the next area, but stepping back through the same entrance takes you somewhere else.

Two-way warp points are marked with double blue arrows. These signify exits that take you to another location on the map. Each is marked with a letter in the center; look for another double arrow callout at another doorway to make the connection.

Then there are one-way warp points marked with a single blue arrow; look for that letter elsewhere on the map as a standalone callout. So for instance, the blue one-way arrow marked “A” at the Forest River area takes you directly back to the starting point of the entire stage, as marked.

Who knows? Maybe it’s easier to read than the one in the guide, or maybe not at all. This map went through several iterations before I had to settle on this method of marking the warp connections. I sincerely hope it helps, but if it doesn’t or if you think there’s a better way to mark the warp connections, be sure to holler in the comments either here or on the map page.

Click Here to View the Snowfly Forest Map

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One Response to “Vagrant Story: Snowfly Forest Map”

  1. Ah ha! Thanks for this post as I was just thinking of replaying this now that it is out on PSN. It truly was one of the best RPG’s on the PSOne and if Square ever gets their “remake” teams on another IP, it should be this one. I wouldn’t mind seeing another Vagrant Story game in this particular universe.