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Silent Hill Map-based Walkthrough

Posted September 23rd, 2009 at 9:34am by Dan Birlew in Strategy Guides. Comments Off on Silent Hill Map-based Walkthrough

Walkthrough LayoutThough just released on the PlayStation Network, Silent Hill originally came out ten years ago. Back then I was just a dork who liked to create free guides. My idea of having fun with a game was to render a series of maps in preparation to create an onlnine walkthrough. However, I soon became too busy to complete the walkthrough, and these maps never saw their proper use.

For those of you enjoying Silent Hill for the first time, here’s a map-based walkthrough designed to help you find all the items and complete the game. Descriptions are not in-depth, it’s merely a line-by-line “grocery list” of items to find and actions to perform at certain locations. Any item followed by [NEXT FEAR] is only found in a replay game under specific circumstances.

I nearly finished another one of these for Silent Hill Origins, but I’ll be damned if I can find the file. (Grr!)

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Residential Area (To School)
Midwich Elementary School
Residential Area (To Church)
Shopping District
Alchemilla Hospital
Shopping District (Post Hospital)
Sewer System (To Resort Area)
Resort Area
Sewer System (To Amusement Park) – Amusement Park

Plot Synopsis

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