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See Silent Hill Downpour in Action

See Silent Hill Downpour in Action

Posted February 11th, 2012 at 11:07am by Dan Birlew in Game Previews. Comments Off on See Silent Hill Downpour in Action

Several “Let’s Play” videos of Silent Hill: Downpour have appeared on YouTube over the last week. “Let’s Play” is a style of video presentation where you record a game and also your vocal reactions on microphone at the same time, then mix the two into the final clip. The following clips are recorded from a leaked 360 version played by a couple of German guys who have a tendency to chat during the all-important cut scenes. Also, I think they’ve tweaked the brightness and contrast settings to way above the defaults. However, it appears to give a long and valid preview of what we can expect from the game, due out in March of 2012.

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