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Resident Evil 5 Demo Walkthrough: Controls

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The first step to conquering Resident Evil 5 is quickly grasping how to control the game. Upon booting the demo, press START to enter the start menu. The demo allows only two options: Play Game or Options.

Start screen

Immediate consideration must be given to the controller scheme used. Four configurations are available to suit your style of play. Choose Options on the start screen. On the Options screen, choose the top option, “Controller Settings.” Move the cursor down to highlight “Control Types,” and tilt the Left Stick to the right or left to view the four schemes.

Control Type D

Control Type D

The default control scheme is Type D. This configuration is good for players who are not familiar with Resident Evil, who may be more comfortable with the controls of Gears of War. The main recognizable feature of this scheme is holding LT (Left Trigger) to aim, in order to fire with RT (Right Trigger). The Left Stick allows the player to move forward (tilt up), backward (tilt down) or to strafe sideways to the left or right (tilt respectively). Type B is a variation of this control scheme in which the buttons function the same, but Left Stick movement is closer to the RE4 style.

Control Type A

Control Type A

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Type A, which full resembles the controller scheme from Resident Evil 4. Veterans of the previous game should have an easier time adjusting with this setting. Type C is a variation of this control scheme wherein the button functions are the same, but movement with the Left Stick is forward (up), backward (down), and strafe left or right (left or right). Type C is worth investigating, since it allows you to more easily sidestep attacks while still facing the general direction of your enemies.


Movement is guided with the Left Stick. The function of the control depends on the Control Type chosen. Under Type A or Type B controls, tilting left or right causes the player character to turn left or right. Under Type C or D controls, tilting left or right causes your character to sidestep or strafe to the left or right. Strafing is great in combat situations since it allows you to dodge attacks a little more easily. Turning left or right while an enemy is about to attack leaves your character more vulnerable. If combat proves too frustrating, consider switching Type C or Type D.

Adjust Viewpoint/Rotate

The function of the Right Stick changes depending on the control type chosen.  Under Type A and Type B control schemes, the Right Stick allows you to swing the camera outward, gaining a perspective on the character’s left or right.

But in Type C and D controls, tilting the Right Stick to either side causes the character to turn. This control scheme is probably more familiar to Gears of War players, and may be preferable in combat.

In any control scheme, tilting the Right Stick up or down shows the area directly above or directly below the player.


By default, the player character walks at a very slow speed. In every control scheme, holding the A button while moving causes the player character to run. Running increases your evasion and combat abilities, and also shortens your game time. Running is not recommended if you are approaching an item, an investigation point, or a trap.

Quick Turn

When standing still, tilt the Left Stick down and press A to quickly spin 180°. The quick turn is handy if you sense an enemy behind you and need to face them quickly. The quick turn is also effective for turning and running from advancing enemies, to give yourself some room to recover and prepare.

Aiming with a firearm.


The player character is capable of two forms of attack: firearm or melee. To perform either attack, the character must first ready their weapon. Under Type B and Type D configurations (the Gears of War controls), holding the Left Trigger readies the equipped firearm. With Type A and C controls (the standard RE style), the player must hold the Right Trigger.

The player character also carries a melee weapon. In Chris Redfield’s case, his melee weapon is a big machete. In control Type B or D (GoW style), hold the Left Button (LB) to prepare for a melee attack. Under Type A or C (RE style), hold the Left Trigger to prepare your melee weapon.

When the character is prepared to either fire or melee, use the Right Stick to aim upward, downward, or to turn to either side.



All firearms are equipped with laser sighting. While aiming, move the Right Stick to target. When the laser creates a dot on a target, firing strikes the enemy or object. The target’s reaction depends on the body part targeted. Shooting a foe in the arms and shoulders can cause him or her to drop a weapon. Target the legs if you wish to knock an enemy off their feet. The head is usually the most vulnerable spot on a target. Damage sustained by the head is greater than when shot in any other body part. Shooting a target in the face is more likely to cause him or her to stagger, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. A critical hit to the head may cause the enemy’s head to explode. (In the demo, this is an instant kill.)

The rifle is equipped with a scope. Holding the aim button switches the perspective so that the player looks through the sights. However, all other aspects of aiming and targeting remain the same. The rifle decapitates humanoid enemies at a much higher rate than all other firearms, so target heads as often as possible.

Use the knife to slash fruit for hidden items.Knife Swing

When enemies draw too near, pre-empt seizure by slashing them with your melee weapon. Use aiming to slash at an opponent’s legs to knock them to their knees, and slash them in the face to stun them and knock them back.

Note that exploding barrels cannot be detonated by swinging the knife. Therefore, if you’re stuck near an exploding barrel and facing the wrong direction, use knife attacks until you can get away from the danger zone.


When aiming with a firearm or the rifle, press the fire button to shoot. When equipped with a grenade, press the fire button to toss the frag in a short arc. Be sure not to throw grenades when you or your partner are too close to a wall or the enemies, or you could suffer damage in the blast.


While aiming with a firearm, press the A button to reload. Keep your gun fully loaded as often as possible to be ready for the next attack. Reloading during combat is also advisable, especially after killing an enemy. Reload before taking on the next advancing foe to prevent running out of ammo at inopportune times.

Action button used to hop a low wallAction Button

The action button is a context-sensitive control that changes function depending on special situations that fall within close range. The most common uses of the action button include opening doors and picking up items. Whenever a context-sensitive action is available, the action button icon appears in the lower part of the screen along with a brief description of the action available. Certain windows can be jumped through using the action button, and the character can hop over low walls. Look for these features in the environment when you need to escape from enemies.

Door Kick

Press X when near a door to open it quietly. To enter boldly with a powerful side kick, press the X button twice quickly to bash the door open. If an enemy is standing on the other side, this move can knock them down.

Chris's straight punch

Straight Punch

Chris can knock down stunned enemies or smash in their heads with a powerful straight punch attack. First, stun the enemy by shooting him or her in the face. When the foe is staggering back or screaming in pain, approach them quickly. When the button icon appears onscreen, press the action button to deliver a straight punch to a stunned enemy. Dispatched downed enemies more easily by shooting or knifing them while they try to rise.

The style and effect of the straight punch changes depending on the angle Chris approaches from. For instance, executing this attack on a Majini from behind when he’s kneeling after his legs have been shot changes the attack into a neck snap for an instant kill!

When playing as Sheva in co-op mode, her version of this attack is a roundhouse kick.

When playing as Sheva in co-op mode, her version of this attack is a roundhouse kick.


When standing over a downed enemy that is not quite dead, the action button icon may appear onscreen. Press the action button when this happens to finish off the foe by stomping their head to a bloody pulp.

Break free from enemy graspEscape

Humanoid enemies such as Majini try to grab and hold the characters to attack. Whenever the character is trapped by an enemy’s grasp or some other trap, rapidly tilt the Left Stick in all directions to break free. Rotate the Left Stick rapidly to break free more quickly.


Press the Right Bumper (RB) to display a radar mini-map of the immediate area. This is helpful if you are lost and can’t figure out where to go next, and also in planning your approach and combat strategies for the next area.

Inventory menuOpen Inventory

Outside of combat, press Y to open the inventory menu. Chris’s inventory is displayed on the left. Press RB to bring up Sheva’s inventory on the right. The items in the top center, bottom center, left and right spaces can be pulled out by pressing those respective directions on the D-pad. If you wish to move an item or switch its location for easier access during combat, highlight it with the cursor and press X. Move it to its new location, and press A to confirm. The inventory menu can be used to reload weapons and to combine herbs and form more powerful compounds (and free up inventory spaces). To trade items with your partner, select and item and choose the “Give” command. Your partner moves within range and takes the item from you. If you want one of your partner’s items, select it on their menu and choose “Request.” The partner will move within range and hand it over.

Because opening the inventory menu does not pause the game, it is strongly recommended that you not open it during combat. If you need access to recovery items, escape to a clear area and use them quickly before enemies catch up.

Locate partner

Locate Partner

Press and hold the locate partner button to place an orange reticule on your partner character. Doing so also attaches the camera angle to that spot, so that you are always looking in your partner’s direction. In co-op mode, it’s a good way to locate your partner in case the two of you are separated.

Partner Action

Press the B button to engage various actions with regards to your partner. The function of the partner action button changes in light of the context. For instance, when pressed by itself the B button causes your character to command the partner to come to where you are. Press it just after your partner resuscitates you to thank them. Your partner must be in close range for a partner action to be available.

Bookshelves and other heavy objects can be pushed in front of doors to create barricades. Or, press B to make your partner push the object, while you go take care of something else.

Sometimes approaching a ledge or the base of a raised ladder causes the B button icon to appear. These partner actions usually involve vaulting the partner to a higher area or launching them across a gap. The benefit of splitting up to investigate is usually that one partner can easily cover the other from their vantage point while that person unlocks doors and opens new areas to explore.

Partner trade optionsPartner Trade

Aside from trading in the inventory menu, the characters can also trade items by equipping them in the hand. Recovery items and ammo can be quickly traded by equipping them in the hand, approaching within range of your partner, and the pressing B to hand it over. In combat situations this is preferable to entering the inventory menu, which renders you vulnerable.

When equipping a recovery item, you can either hand it to your partner or use it. If your partner is in close range, they will also benefit from the use of any recovery item you use on yourself.

Press B to tell your partner to pick up an item.Partner Item Collection

When near an item, the B button icon may appear if your partner is also within range of the item. If you wish for your partner to take the item instead of your character, press the B button instead of X. Doing so helps avoid the need to rearrange your inventory and swap items later.

Partner Rescue

When your partner is grabbed by an enemy, you can help them when at close range. Press the B button when the icon appears onscreen to free your partner from an enemy’s grasp with a melee special attack, such as a straight punch or roundhouse kick depending on which character you control.

Partner resuscitationPartner Resuscitation

If a partner’s health gets low, they may become incapacitated. As long as you are still up and active, you can resuscitate them. Approach them and press the B button to pick up your partner. The partner regains a small amount of health this way.

AI Partner Mimicry

In single-player mode, Sheva’s actions are largely controlled by your own. If you equip your handgun and start firing, so will she. Equip your shotgun or rifle and attack, and she also fires her heavy weapon. If she doesn’t have ammo, then she will either scout for some or switch to her alternate weapon. If you turn and run from enemies, Sheva runs also. And if you don’t feel that she’s escaping fast enough, press B to call her. Try to keep this in mind as you proceed through single-player. Don’t do anything you don’t want Sheva to copy.

Partner Commands

Press and hold the B button, then press a direction on the d-pad to give orders to your AI partner. Once their orders are set, the partner changes behavior accordingly.  Sheva’s default command is “Cover.” In single-player mode, she sticks close to Chris and fights to save him from any close calls. She also tends to copy whatever he does. She does not attack as frequently as Chris, however. Hold B and press up on the d-pad to command Sheva to “Attack.” Under this order, Sheva moves more independently and focuses on taking out enemies rather than assisting Chris. She uses up ammunition quickly in this mode.

Additional commands are available in co-op mode. However, since your partner is controlled by a live player, there’s no knowing whether they will follow these orders…

[More on Co-op Partner Commands Forthcoming.]

[This article is a work-in-progress. Additional information, images, and video may be added at a later time.]

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