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New DmC Wallpapers, More Craziness

Posted September 7th, 2011 at 4:18pm by Dan Birlew in Game Previews. 4 Comments on New DmC Wallpapers, More Craziness

Earlier this week gamesindustry.biz (quickly becoming the best source for real video game news on the web) posted an interview with Ninja Theory’s Creative Director, Tameem Antoniades, wherein he decrees the state of AAA title high-budget, high-stakes, zero-innovation development. And frankly he couldn’t be more right, but what are we all supposed to do, turn down paychecks? Ninja Theory developed Enslaved, which many consider to be the best game no one played. Yet now they’re turning heads with their complete overhaul of Capcom’s Devil May Cry series by turning Dante into a hardcore punk teenager with an attitude problem living in an apocalyptic city full of demonic dolls. Either by coincidence or not, two very cool new wallpapers have appeared on the net.

Click the images to view, or click the links to download:

DmC Wallpaper 1Click Here to Download

DmC Wallpaper 2Click Here to Download

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4 Responses to “New DmC Wallpapers, More Craziness”

  1. thanks for the wallpapers! this game looks really sick. i cant wait.

  2. The one with the ladies seems inaccurate. With his new design Dante looks more like he plays for the other team.