Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
  • vincentvincent
    Barry and Rebecca are only avaliable in the new Mercenaries Reunion game.  As are Jill, Excella and all 4 new costumed versions of Chris and Sheva (2 costumes each).  You can't use these new characters in the original version of Mercenaries, but worry not, the levels are the same as before only some enemies have changed along with a few locations of the time bonuses.

    If you do buy the Gold Edition for the XBox, you get a code that allows you to get all the new content from XBL for no extra cost.  Or you could just pay 980MSP and get the full bonus pack for the original version of RE5.  But yes, either way you do it, you do need to download the content for the 360.

    After looking at the DL size for everything and the installed RE5 original, the number was (iirc) just under 8.5GB.  I was thinking that it should have been able to fit on a DL DVD?
  • I remember the first Verses mode being release and that was only a couple hundred kb in size, BUT.

    The 360 is odd in that all of the Dual Layer DVDs with 360 games on only hold about 6.5 GB of GAME data, the rest being taken up by 360 system stuff which nobody but MS knows about, well that's what the tech guys I've read have said.  What that may have decompressed to I don't know as I've not got the Gold Edition extras for the 360, only my dead PS3!!!
  • Actually the disc should be 100% the same as the original retail version with a different label.  The actual key as such to unlock the DLC will be the same as all 360 retail unlockables, it'll be one of those credit card sized coupons or inlay cards with the huge alphanumeric string that has to be input into the 360.
  • RombieRombie
    Oddly enough that DLC package key in 360 version is for the 'Untold Stories' package and not everything seperate, and that package is smaller than if you purchased each piece seperately. Probably due to shared files. The 360 disc itself has one difference over the original (aside the label) in that the Versus content which was the only original DLC is on the disc now.

    The PS3 edition takes up a whopping big chunk of HDD space even when you have the AE/Gold disc too which is annoying.

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