Resident Evil Rebirth Ported to HD - Too Little, Too Late?

  • Once upon a time, this would have been big news... and judging by the number of hits this Youtube has gotten in only a week, apparently there is still a modest following out there.

    But aside from the fact that Gamecube's RE1 remake is now in HD (and sporting optional DMC-type controls) there's little here to really get excited about. I still have my GC and RE1 (and RE0) so I don't really see the point of picking this up.

    Now if Capcom would only, finally get around to doing an HD RE2 reboot... jeez, do I need to even finish that sentence?
  • Well, one can only hope that the multiple ports (XBox, PC, etc.) will allow this game to be enjoyed by a wider audience. But will that really inspire the, um, rebirth of survival horror in the gaming world?

    After all, RE2 and RE3 were released to virtually every platform known to mankind, yet interest in the original series soon waned nonetheless. (And that was fifteen years ago, when gamers were far easier to impress than they are today.)
  • PlopperPlopper
    Sadly I personally don't think that a true old style survival horror game would sell in the market as it is now. Games have moved on far too much and people just won't take to the old style gameplay now. So how much would Capcom be prepared to spend on a new game in the original style. Taking ReMake Remastered as a measure not a whole hell of a lot.

    This may sound silly but to me games have gotten far to BIG to ever be survival horror again, and I mean that in both senses of the scope. The gameplay atmosphere should be insular, claustrophobic and low key. And so should the development (minus the claustrophobic), a small team taking their time to really develop atmosphere and dread.

    That's one of the things that I REALLY miss about the old survival horror, the absolute dread of what is next and will I be able to get past it.

    I hope I'm wrong and it really opens up the market for some more of the old goodness, as at the end of the day, I want my ZOMBIES back. Retro style!
  • According to the article Rombie linked, RE Revelations 2 is currently in production. Not only will it mark the return of Claire Redfield (YES!) but supposedly it will have more of the survival horror feel we old-timers have come to expect.
  • PlopperPlopper
    That is what the Capcom people are saying, they will take more risks with the side story RE games like Revelations and go survival horror and even try other things, but keep the numbered games the same as they are at the moment. Yes REV 2 looks more survival horror orientated but it seems to be not enough for my liking, and still NO ZOMBIES!!!
  • Well, of course. Zombies are so NOT in right now.
  • PlopperPlopper
    Well they are in film and TV, and in almost every other form of gaming Zombies are cool, just look at all the Zombie DLC and expansion packs for games like COD and Red Dead Redemption, suppose it'll take survival horror games time to catch up again.
  • I was being tongue-in-cheek, my friend.
  • I'm surprised they recast Court, given her seeming loyalty toward Capcom (and vice versa) until now.

    (In fact, after looking up Court on IMDB, I was surprised to see that she's done two RE games in this decade alone.)

    At the very least, I hope the new Claire is a decent sound-alike and does a good job. Acting hasn't always been Capcom's strong suit, as we all know.
  • PlopperPlopper

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