TV on DVD- What are you watching/wish to watch and how's it working for you?
  • Interesting, I didn't think it'd be that popular over there. That's nice to see.

    Over here it gets sold in 550ml bottles which I think is 18 fl oz? It's one of the larger bottles sold over here, most ales, beers and lagers are sold in 300 or 330ml, but they do sometimes go as low as 275ml iirc.

    I haven't actually had a bottle of Newkie for a long time as it's usually Bud, Miller or Tennents as that's what the rest of the family drink (I'm not counting my Dad who drinks the heavy versions). Seeing Leonard with the bottle put me in the mood of having one which is unusual as I don't really fall for product placements.

    That show must be having an almost subliminal influence on me now :))
  • JayneJayne
    Yeah, I suddly became aware of kitchy belt buckles and have toyed with the idea of getting Jim some of Howard's. I always thought belt buckles were for cowboys and biker gangs until Big Bang Theory.

    Sadly we gave up on it once Sheldon landed a GF. There was an episode where he made a robot to interface with women or something, and it was so goofy it wasn't even funny. It seemed that the bar had been lowered to appeal to non-geeks, and in that dumbing down, they lost us. Maybe it got better after that, but we haven't been back.

    Back to beer now:
    I was on a cruise once, and met the acquaintance of a very nice older couple from England proper. They seemed pretty well-healed but refreshingly accessible and extremely friendly. After complementing me on being "better informed than most Americans" (this about some foreign policy nonsense from the Bush administration), he bought a round of drinks.... Bud. I thought maybe he was trying to do a "when in Rome" thing, but it turned out he loved Bud. After some friendly chiding about Bud-- how it's the frat boy cheap beer in our world-- he bought a round of "proper bitters" as he said, but remarked how nothing compares to Bud.

    I don't get it... from the land that gave us Smithwicks and Guiness, how can you see Bud and Miller as anything other than yellow colored dishwater! *sigh* I'm just grateful you didn't put Coors in that list.
  • The episode where Sheldon made the robot was so that he wouldn't have to go out and risk getting injured or dying.

    We have noticed that it's not been as funny as before, but we're sticking with it incase it's just a lackluster period. I think it started going downhill when Penny and Leonard split up, Raj's sister became a regular cast member and Howard got together with Bernadette. The four main guys are no longer loveless dweebs who can't get a date. It's changed the dynamic of the show.

    I miss the Leslie Winkle character. Sure she wasn't in it much, but she was quite funny with her conflicts with Sheldon.

    The funniest episode there's been for a while was when Sheldon's mom stayed over the weekend and went sight seeing with everyone except Sheldon. But we probably laughed more due to Mrs Cooper's character being so religious and backwards. That was just a few episodes ago (maybe S5E4 or E5).

    Oh, and Coors is horrid. I don't like Guiness, but then I tried that when I was around 17 so I'd maybe like it now, but I just cannot bring myself to drink Coors, Stella or Carlsberg. They all have the same horrid taste. I'd much rather have a Newkie. Or home made Berry Beer that a friend of a friend makes. You can hardly taste the alcohol in it but it gets me drunker than whisky!

    Even when I used to drink whisky it was mainly Jack Daniel's (yes, I know it's technically a bourbon... hmmmm biscuits...), maybe Grants. Anything else, even British whisky just doesn't do it for me.

    I've never even heard of Smithwicks so I'll keep an eye out for that.

    I think I'd ramble on even longer so I'll just stop there and go grab a biscuit.
  • JayneJayne
    oh no... *has flashbacks of the mind-bending trans-Atlantic biscuit discussion from 2 years ago*

    Jim's been watching Luther on Netflix and has subsequently requested I have the cable company add BBC America to our package so that he can watch the second season (or series?). I have to get around to it. He can't stop raving about it, though.

    (Smithwicks, we were told, is called "Smiddicks." Maybe that's obvious to you, but the lady who runs the bar at the local and authentic Irish pub schooled us quite thoroughly in the proper pronunciation.)
  • Yep, Jayne we call them series!

    I'm still watching Alan Partridge, on to the none-chat show ones now, but I was slightly wrong in my description of them, I called it a mock documentary of his everyday life or something like that, but it is just a sit-com in form! I remembered it slightly different, as if he was being followed around by a film crew?
  • I finished watching Alan Partridge last night, it's so painfully funny.

    Going to start on You're Under Arrest next I think. An old Japanese Anime about two female traffic cops in a souped up, turbo charged and NOS enabled little Honda mini van. Loads of fun and some of the best vehicle animation I have seen this side of Initial D!
  • JayneJayne
    Terra Nova on Hulu... I weep for this show.

    The beginning few episodes were a little hokey and relied too much on dinosaurs and family nonsense. After about Episode 5, though, it picked up steam and became, what I thought, was a really entertaining series with interesting conflicts and characters doing stuff that seemed cool. The finale was a great cliffhanger that hinted at all kinds of neat-o time travel storylines for the future. It wasn't Shakespeare or Lost or even Fringe, but I reject all the grumbling about cheap production values and eye rolls about dinosaur stuff. It looked fine to me, and dinosaurs are awesome.

    I heard SyFy passed on picking it up, leaving it to NetFlix, which we all know ain't gonna happen.
  • PlopperPlopper
    Still trying to get though all of the episodes of Your Under Arrest in Japanese with Subtitles!
  • JayneJayne
    Asian girls.
    Your Under Arrest.

    The exact three items were mentioned together in the police blotter last month, detailing the latest raid on our local... um... spa. Blows my mind how these places keep opening as if the police and the general public aren't tuned into the fact that you wouldn't get your mom a gift certificate to the "Total Relaxation Spa" with the neon "OPEN" sign glowing at midnight.

    (Of course, my human-rights side is outraged with the whole ordeal whereby these women are charged with prostitution although they're likely working there against their will in exchange for passage to the US, but as Rombie said about Uwe Boll's 9/11 movie, if you can't find humor in things, you're in trouble... or something like that.)

    Back on topic-- I'm now watching "Once Upon a Time" on hulu. It's OK so far, but I'm not sorry I didn't watch it from the beginning live. It's a rip-off of [b]Fables[/b], a quite inspired, but quickly tired, graphic novel about fairytale characters learning to cope with life in NYC after fleeing their homeland. The present-day scenes are interesting enough, but the flashbacks to the fairytale world are really quite cringe-inducing. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make it past one season.

    Side note- I object to paying for Hulu+ to watch it on my iPad and then also have to watch commercials. $7/month or whatever isn't going to break me, but it's annoying.
  • Yeah I've actually been following Llewellyn's blog where he put up some hints and the odd photo which has me hopeful. But we'll see how it goes.

    I only have seasons 1-3 (original, not the bodysnatcher remasters)... I can't find the rest anywhere, unless I want to spend $300 on the box set that has all seasons plus the BTE Director's Cut.
  • PlopperPlopper
    I was only talking to a chum the other day about the possibility of the Small Rouge One returning to TV. I have all the series on DVDs and Back To Earth on BD, but I must admit, I've only recently bought Back To Earth and haven't even opened it. Here's hoping the new series is a corker!
  • JayneJayne
    "Corker" is good, right? And someone remind me if "pants" is good or bad? I think it's supposed to be good, but I keep thinking of "getting pantsed" which means someone yanks down your trousers in front of others, which is bad, unless you're the one doing the pantsing...

    Jim started watching Sherlock on Netflix and DVR'd the premiere of Series 2, which was shown as part of our PBS "Mystery" series here. I admit to being utterly exhausted from a number of kiddie issues over the weekend, so I faded in and out, but what I saw, and what Jim had explained, was quite refreshingly original and creative. I like the back story on Holmes and Watson, and the way notes are shown on screen as typing text is fun to watch. I'll add series 1 to my running queue once I get done with "Once Upon a Time."
  • PlopperPlopper
    Corker is GOOD,
    corker [ˈkɔːkə]
    1. Slang
    a. something or somebody striking or outstanding

    Pants is BAD
    Adjective. British. Rubbish.

    So there you have the lesson for today!

    I've been meaning to buy the DVD sets of Sherlock as I've been a BIG fan of most things Sherlock for years now, even read the collective works when I was still in to reading, and what little I saw of it on TV I liked the look of!
  • vincentvincent
    I haven't heard corker since Your Sinclair magazine in the late 80s/eary 90s! What a flashback that is!

    Red Dwarf: Back on Earth is th eonly DVD I've still to get. I got the first 8 series' on DVD with the progressive picture spine. Back on Earth doesn't fit in with that and it's not that great so I haven't bothered with it yet. I think about it every few months and should really get it when I see it cheap, but I keep forgetting to look for it.
  • PlopperPlopper
    Just started watching the first two series of Sherlock on UK DVD, and I'm loving it after only two episodes. I was surprised to find out that they were 90+ episodes, but they haven't seemed too long at all yet. Very well acted all round and the story re-vamps have so far been very inventive!
  • PlopperPlopper
    Finished off Sherlock, WAY too few episodes, great re-vamp, I especially liked Hound and scandal. Can't wait for the next series now!

    Because of over work I've taken to just watching a couple of half hour comedy series for work nights and am currently going through Open All Hours on UK DVD. So funny.

  • JayneJayne
  • We're watching the re-runs of Suits just now. Caught it the first time round and really enjoyed it. We were hoping to pick up the DVD set when it appeared a few months ago but never had the money for it so we're glad Dave are repeating it.

    I was surprised to learn that season 2 had just started Stateside. I hope we get it pretty soon.
  • So, not much happening on TV DVD here then? ;)

    We've just finished watching season one of Suits. We watched it last year when it was on the tv, then again when it was repeated. We saw the DVD on Amazon a few weeks ago for less than £8 so it was a bit of a no-brainer to get it. Even after 3 watches in less than a year it's not lost it's charm or get boring. Now we've finally got season 2 on tv.

    Also on Amazon I spotted the Northern Exposure complete box set for £48. Another fantastic buy so far (only watched the first 8 episodes). I had it in the basket on Amazon for a few hours before I decided to get it as I didn't want that to be an impulse buy that I'd regret. Considering that HMV in store and were selling it for more than £140 it was a real bargain.

    It's a shame that I never saw Twin Peaks when it was originally aired as I loved the dream sequence in Northern Exposure's Season 1 Episode 5 that paid homage to it. I must have been completely lost when I saw that over 20 years ago.
  • JayneJayne
  • Damn it hasn't been that long since I've posted in here has it?

    Since then I've watched all of Dad's Arm on DVD and have just finished series two of The Walking Dead and I have series one of My Name Is Earl to start.

    Dad's Army was great, but did drag on a bit towards the end for me as it just all seemed a bit too samey.

    Walking Dead was great, personally I think that the two lead males thing went on a tad too long, but as a whole the series just keeps getting better.


    Oh! And how could I forget, I'm about 1/3rd of the way through The Simpsons season 15 still going strong as ever.

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