Marco Vindicated?
  • Whenever multiple personality "syndrome" comes up on the boards (usually prompted by some movie or TV depiction) Marco would always go ballistic, insisting that people with split personalities almost certainly don't exist.


    "The New York Times has an excerpt of a book that claims to expose one of the most famous psychiatric cases in popular culture as a fraud.

    "Based on an analysis of previously locked archives the book suggests that the patient at the centre of the ‘Sybil’ case of ‘multiple personality disorder’ was, in fact, faking and admitted so to her psychiatrist."

    Read it all, as they say.

  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    I don't know, ZW. I get pulled in so many directions and fill so many roles in my life, I often feel like at least 4 different people. ;)
  • JayneJayne
    On one hand, good, because MPD kinda makes light of schizophrenia, which is treatable (not easily treatable, but treatable). On the other, I feel for mental health professionals. When stuff like this comes out, it hurts their professional credibility and might dissuade people who need help from getting help.

    We have psychologists in the family who work with the mentally ill in the US penal system. It's pretty incredible to see how quickly the afflicted become functional when they're on their meds. You have to think that if they had had help earlier on, they wouldn't have done what they did to land them in prison in the first place. So I kinda put the blood of the victims of these people on the hands of the quacks involved in things like the Sybil case. When you put profit and celebrity ahead of professional responsibility-- particularly when you're in a field that affects the wellbeing of other people-- you've kinda bought a one-way ticket to hell in my book.

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