Alan Wake
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
  • I may have assumed it, but in the Deadly Premonition (3rd last post, I know the url tags don't work anymore so I won't paste the big link) thread Jayne mentioned you not wanting to play it - "Too bad some people (coughDancough) don't want to play it." Refusing is the wrong word now, but I do remember something about you not playing it before Jayne posted that.

    This is one game I wouldn't have minded buying for a bit more £ than usual. Maybe not the full price (£45), but definitely £30 or maybe even £35. I got it brand new for around £20, hopefully the price over there are about half aswell, I would recommend it.

    I just clicked the "start new discussion" button while looking at the Deadly Premonition thread and typed directly into the window there. I did preview during the entering but I don't think there was any difference between them. I certainly didn't have those huge chasms between the paragraphs.

    Oh, it maybe happened when I edited the post, I didn't pay attention after doing that.

    Right, everything appears to be fine before this edit (paragraph spacing is the same as your post Dan, now to see what it looks like after editing...

    -2nd edit-
    Appears to be fine so feck knows what happened with my original post (I previewed this one aswell looking to see if the url tags still work)

    Oh, and are selling AW for less than $20 brand new from themselves or slightly cheaper through other sellers.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    Thanks, @vincent. Yeah I still don't understand what happened to the top post. I opened it in the editor now that the format bar plugin is inactive and it's full of br line breaks and no-break spaces between sentences, among other oddities. Not that I mind if that's what you're trying to do with your posts, but I don't want anyone to feel like they're fighting the board. ;) But I posted while the format bar was inactive and I didn't get anything like that.

    Maybe I'll deactivate the format bar soon, since the problems only seem to arise while editing, not posting. I'm probably the only one who needs editing, anyhow. ;)

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