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    When I get the time, I'll blog up more about this, but seeing as how more time = months from now, I figure I'd write up a quickie commentary here.

    For Christmas, Jim got me the Xbox Kinect bundle. First up, the new 360s with the biometric controls are really neato and super quiet. Downside is that the cats can open the tray by sticking their little cat noses near the front of the unit. This led to some issues and an eventual temporary banishment from the gaming area.

    The kinect itself is one really cool piece of tech. We've only played kinect sports so far, but it was a ton of fun. I could do without the races (I have a real treadmill), but bowling and boxing are tremendous fun. I was really impressed at how well it tracked both of us simultaneously with boxing.

    Is kinect worth it if you don't already have it? I say it depends. Like RockBand, it's a fun party gadget. We're lucky in that we have friends who think doing this sort of thing is fun. Some people probably think it's lame. To each his own. It's also nice to be able to "go bowling" without having to leave the house. When there's nothing on the DVR and we want to do something fun and competitive, this fits the bill. It's also a good thing for kids. As there are no controllers to hold, there's nothing that can get tossed at the tv. The motion tracking is so good, I kinda wish I was 5 again to be completely sucked in by the kinect.

    In its more utilitarian applications, I've read good reviews of EA Active's personal training software, but I'm not into that stuff. Like I said, I have my treadmill and I just got into barefoot running with Vibram's new shoes, but if you're the type who wants to get in shape and fears the gym, the kinect plus EA's bundle costs less than 6 months at any of the fitness centers by me. Just be warned that if you buy the kinect bundle and want to put the kinect on a different, older 360, you'll need to get the adapter cable from Microsoft for $35. yeah. Not surprised, though, are you?

    Anyho, for the single gamer who prefers traditional games, kinect isn't quite there yet. There appear to be a few interesting titles coming out in 2011/2012 to broaden its appeal. I'm looking forward to Child of Eden based on the video preview. I'd post the link but it's a pain to do so from the iPhone. Search for it at YouTube.

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