Your [2012] Film List
  • PlopperPlopper
    How have I missed this for over a YEAR!!!

    I started reading not quite taking note of the title and wondered just how long does it take for films to come out down there, then I read the second post and realised it was over a year old!!!

    New releases, none that I know of!

    I just don't really keep up with new releases unless somebody points me in the right direction.

    About the only thing on DVD I'm REALLY looking forward to is the 40+ year old Dario Argento film "Four Flies on Grey Velvet" finally getting an official DVD release.

    I'll be sure to get back to you if there is anything that I really want to see theatrically!
  • LOL.... yeah, the first one was posted a year ago. I think it got posted in a swarm of new posts at the beginning of last year and you may have been away for a few weeks.

    I'll probably edit the top post to include 2012's list of what I'm looking forward to, so you can come back and look through it. Probably will do that over this weekend.
  • Seeing as I had to re-edit my second post to include the rest of the 2012 list due to character limits.... here is my original reply to the 2011 post.

    Seeing as no one replied to this I have nothing to compare to, but I'm going to go through and see my strike record on this before making a new list.

    Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest
    The Green Hornet
    Hall Pass
    Sucker Punch
    Source Code
    Scream 4
    Hangover 2
    Super 8
    Captain America
    Mission Impossible 4
    Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn
    Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pt 2
    Cowboys & Aliens
    Green Lantern
    Final Destination 5

    Not Seen:
    Black Swan
    The Fighter
    The Mechanic
    POTC: On Stranger Tides
    Cars 2
    Winnie The Pooh
    30 Minutes Or Less
    Fright Night
    The Thing
    Real Steel
    The Muppets
    Sherlock Holmes 2

    Strike rate is over 55% - not a bad year. The last 2 films on the not seen list also only came out on Dec 29th and Jan 4th over here, so it's not like I've had a good chance to see them yet.

    Edit #1 - Updated with 3 I saw (Green Lantern, Hanna, Final Destination 5). Now well into a 60% watch rate.

    Edit #2 - Not Seen From 2011 as of Jan 2013:

    Winnie The Pooh
    Fright Night
  • JayneJayne
    I'm so out of touch with movies for 2012. I have no clue! As I mentioned over on "Films You Just Saw" we just saw "A Dangerous Method" which was OK, but not great.

    For 2012, I'm only interested (right now) in The Hobbit and Brave, Pixar's new original fairy tale set in the 10th century Scottish highlands. They've yet to let me down (aside from Cars, which I refuse to see lest I get sucked into NASCAR culture and enter a period of desperate self-loathing).

    On your unseen list, Rombie, I've seen:
    Black Swan: Blech. It wanted to be something, but it was just... eh. I have a companion guide I made my friends for them to FF to the parts that people talk about, categorized as "sexy" "stabby" or "weird." the problem for me, mostly, is that I had zero investment in Natalie Portman's character. I couldn't have cared less if she turned into a swan or a porcupine or a bonobo.

    POTC: Stranger Tides: Another weird one. They should have stopped at 2. It has a downer ending and at times is just a mess.

    Green Lantern: OMG don't even bother. Ryan Renolds fights the poop monster. I liked the recent Green Lantern graphic novels. I kinda like the sci-fi aspects of the GL mythology. I do not like CGI costumes or whatever the hell parallax was supposed to be.

    Winnie the Pooh: Saw it because I have a toddler. Only people with toddlers should have to see it. There's something mildly depressing about Pooh, and the movie is so slow that it just drags out the misery. It's perfectly sweet with no innuendo or anything (and I'm all for kids movies that are for kids alone) but it was bland and torturous in its blandness.
  • I unfortunately saw Green Lantern and it's giant poo monster shortly after updating this list for 2012 up the top. Wasn't my choice. I also managed to see 2 others off my have not seen list in the same span (Hanna and Final Destination 5) although unlike Green Lantern I made the choice to watch those.

    Cars is definently my lease fav Pixar film and it really did put me off seeing the second one (and to this point Cars 2 is the only Pixar film I do not own) but I will probably still rent it at some point. I'm personally a little unsure on Brave at this time as I said above, but it looks interesting enough.

    I've continued to avoid Swan and Pirates 4 until they cost $1 to rent on Blu Ray and I probably still will see them eventually. Shame about Pooh though, I liked the fact they'd gone with the old animation style over a slicker completely CG presentation which is why I'd wanted to watch it - but if it's going to be Winnie The Bland then I won't probably bother.
  • JayneJayne
    Pooh was never really the high-adventure, swashbuckling, a$$-kicker of the Disney juggernaut, but this was soooo slow. It's actually very good for very small children. Rapid edits and frenetic activity have been shown to be not so good for cognitive development, but jebus... This hurt my soul. The animation is very good, of course. It's old school line-drawn, cell painted animation. It was like a warm visual hug from grandma, but just like visits with grandma, it got really old, really fast and I couldn't wait to get back to the 21st Century.
  • RombieRombie
    Half year update. Doing very poorly at this stage. Only 3 movies on the list I wanted to see. Will be at least 4 by the end of the month (tickets for TDKR booked).

    Only 1 on the list of not wanting to see, that was 21 Jump Street, and it ended up being quite good.

    I haven't edited it but need to add in Piranha 3DD, Ice Age 4, The Watch, The Campaign, Dredd, Argo, Silent Hill Revelation, Flight, Wreck It Ralph, Django Unchained to various lists.

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