• JayneJayne
    That stands for Thank Goodness for Proxies. A work-friend who will remain nameless for her own protection hooked me up with a sweet proxy that gets around the assinine filter work put on our servers. The proxy's not the bestest thing ever, but at least I can see what's going on and reply.

    I think I was actually starting to get depressed, but in reverse. Instead of my losing interest in things I enjoy, I had my thing I enjoy taken away for stupid reasons. It was bad enough having to give up blue cheese and normal people food and drink for these past 7+ months, but then to have my site access blocked was too much. But that's all over now! YAY!

    It's like being released from captivity. A thousand blessings on those brave souls who developed the proxies to fight the man. You rock, whoever you are!
  • DawaDawa

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