E3 2010 Day 1 Notes
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    Dan – MGS Rising is not exclusive to 360. It's across 360, PC, and PS3.

    Microsoft's E3 showing this year was exceptionally lackluster, and the majority focus on the (badly renamed) Kinect is going to go down as one of their worst mistakes in publicity. The fact they also spent so much time focusing on it but not officially announcing the price (the $149 mark is just currently store listed as far as I am aware, unless it was on info sheets given out elsewhere) so that people didn't raise eye-brows at the cost.

    I have no idea what Sony's Move will cost as well, but with all these add on's all I can think of is a repeat of Sega when they started adding on the Mega/Sega CD and the 32X. The fact so much of Microsoft's work on this just replicates the Wii as well just smacks of lazy development.

    Additionally the lack of focus on core gaming is something I'm believing Sony may have avoided by having their main showing of the move weeks ago instead of later today. Not saying it wont be a big part, but they have less to announce about it than Microsoft.

    You downplayed it but EA did the best job today, showcasing a variety of interesting games in the least annoying fashion. I can't believe you didn't mention anything about Criterion doing a new NFS title. Smartest move EA's made in a long long time. Ubisoft not so much, but they also had a decent line up on display. I'm glad they are trying to move Driver back to actual Driving by working out why the original game was so good.

    Bring on Nintendo and Sony though I say!

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