Darabont + AMC + Zombies = !!!!!!!
  • JayneJayne
  • Oh, you didn't know about this...? Oops. Kinda dropped the ball as designated film information advisor of the household. 


    But it's based on THE work of Robert Kirkman, who I think is a tremendous douche, so... it's as if Team Silent were to make a game based on the life and struggle of Rush Limbaugh.
  • I've been posting about it on Twitter. I'm so over this, already. ;)
  • JayneJayne
    Ok... Jim, you're not allowed to ref Team Silent because you never played Silent Hill.

    Dan... erm.. I have more gamerpoints than you.


    So... screw Darabont's zombies.  How about that Thundercats remake on Cartoon Network!


  • JayneJayne
    I usually like Topless Robot's commentaries, but I completely disagree.

    In the last five years, I can name only two (2) adventure shows for kids that included fun story lines and cool characters that weren't based on a derivative Japanese card game:  "Avatar: The Last Air Bender" and "Ben Ten" and its various iterations.  Everything else, from Pokemon to Chaotic is based on some card collecting game. The episodes are edu-tainment to sell the card games and teach the kids how to play them.  Yu-Gi-Oh is among the worst.  There is no imagination there.

    And it makes me wonder where Peggy Whatshername is of the Children's Action Network or whatever it was/is called, who railed against He-Man because she viewed the show as a half-hour long commercial for the toys.  At least He-Man and Thundercats had stories.  The cartoons helped explain the back stories of the characters which, for me, made playing with the action figures more fun.  They had established personalities, and I could take them on adventures where they behaved in unique ways-- Teela never let He-Man rescue her unless she was in serious trouble.

    The card game shows are such blatant sales pitches, they make me sad.

    I'd rather have our kid watch a rehash of Thundercats then Bakugan any day, provided they don't have Wily Kit and Wily Cat playing some Thunderian version of Pokemon.

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