• Who else has this obscenely fun game? I've been playing it as much as possible, and we're about to get a second copy so we can play online in tandem... anybody else have it so we can create a huge friggin race? (language setting moved to 'hyperactive teen' so as to convey excitement)
  • JayneJayne
    As an endorsement--

    Racing games bore the bejesus out of me, but this one gets my thumbs up.  You race around a rigged course through some urban setting, and things are set to explode, crash, implode, fall down, blast fire, etc. when you've accumulated enough points or whatever they're called to execute these moves.  The level of destructive awesomeness is linked to the amount of points you accumulated by driving well.  Just enough gets you something like a manhole cover blowing off.  A full count of points allows you to have buildings collapse on the track, planes crash, etc. 

    Basically, it's as if Michael Bay got control of Grand Turismo.

    One caveat for those who like serious racing games: This game uses make-believe vehicles and you can't trick out your car.  You choose your model and go with it.  It levels the playing field a little and makes winning more about strategy and Havok physics than knowing which low gear module is best.

    For those in the US, it's on sale at Best Buy until Sunday, June 6.

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