Film You Just Saw - And What You Thought About It.
  • PlopperPlopper
    Thought it would be nice to list the films we watched last in one main topic NOT to replace individual Topics about a certain film, just as a general list to keep track of our viewing tastes, likes and maybe even warnings of truly awful viewing?

    Thought I'd start this up with something special.

    Antichrist... ... ...

    Yes it was disturbing and very upsetting in places, yes it was very painful to watch, and no I didn't understand the ending at ALL.

    But I did really enjoy it.

    Anybody with the stomach to watch it should do so as it's an experience almost like nothing you would have seen before.
  • OK, I'm in.



    Solid low-budget dystopic vampire flick... think "what if the vampires from the first Blade flick were to take over society"?

    Well-drawn characters, good production values (even with some glaring CG-FX), and some of the purest show-don't-tell filmmaking I've seen since film school in the first 8 minutes. 

    Nothing life changing, but worth a watch if you're looking for something. 
  • The Lovely Bones just slimed up my DVD player. Not worth more words than that.
  • REALLY Dan, I wanted to see this in the cinema the other week thinking it was good but never had the time.

    Why is it not good then?
  • RombieRombie
  • Lovely Bones does some interesting things digitally, but the stilted action and suppressed storytelling tries feebly to get you choked up from frame one, when there's nothing to be upset about. The girl's narration throughout serves to pull you away from what you're watching, and you never get immersed in it. So by the end of the film when the girl learns not to hang on, you're just wishing she'd go into the light already and quit flagellating us with sappy, self-mourning dialog. It just doesn't work on any level. Probably read well as a novel, but just doesn't translate to film.
  • Drag Me To Hell. UK uncut Blu-Ray version, (the BD has both the Uncut and theatrical versions, but the differences are so slight I'll not be watching the other).

    Sam Raimi back close to his best horror roots.  Some great gross out moments, great scares and a good (if heavely signposted) twist at the end.

    He even managed to get a bit of old fashioned slapstick in there too!!!
  • JayneJayne
    I liked it except for the stuff with the cat.  I don't like little animals getting hurt.  All the stuff with the people was alot of fun, though.
  • Actually the cat survives, the demon sicks it back up to give back to the woman saying that it doesn't want it, it wants HER soul!  So, YAY the cat lives.
  • JayneJayne
  • "I thought the cat was dead when it gets… regurgitated, which made it
    even worse that she killed her little cat and it was all for nothing,
    another mark against her". Oh!  my mistake.

    Now then.

    Old Boy - UK BD.  And just where do I start with this one?  I remember this being near the top of the list when I asked for an odd film recommendation on the old forums, and boy were you guys right, there is revenge, and then there is this!!!

    I STILL can't think too much about the ending yet, too much to take in.  But I loved it none the less.
  • vincentvincent
  • JayneJayne
  • vincentvincent
  • Day Of The Dead - UK BD, and I must say I really enjoyed the transfer.  Oh!  And I watched it with the director's commentary on, not Uncle George this time, but three of the Special Effects guys, Greg Nicotero, Howard Burger, Everett Burrell and Mike Deak, OH! four guys!  No Tom Savini on the commentary this time, but I do have two other DVDs of the film with him on his own on one and him with Uncle George on the other.

    A great package all round with 4 separate covers, double sided poster extensive notes and a whole comic book on the origins of Bub.  And I haven't even started on the second disc of DVD extras yet.
  • Phone - UK DVD, good simple Koreen horror where tecnically you are haunted by a Mobile telephone NUMBER!!!  Yes you read that right, there is a very good reason for it in the plot, it's not as silly as it sounds and by the end of the film makes sense?
  • Not really a film, BUT, all but!

    Series 1 Episode 2 of the Masters Of Horror - Dreams In The Witch House by Stuart Gordon.  Gordon doing yet another H.P. Lovecraft story, but this time on a much smaller scale than even From Beyond or Re-Animator.  Very good little tale of madness witches and physics!

    Also one night last week I watched the first episode, John Carpenter's offering Cigarette Burns, very interesting and very well done, basic premise is a lost film, kinda like 8mm, but this film was so evil it makes people go mad and kill each other.

    Only two episodes in but I can already more than recommend this series.
  • Masters Of Horror - Series 1 Episode 3 - Incident On And Off A Mountain
    Road directed by Don Coscarelli of Phantasm andBubba Ho-tep fame.

    Very interesting, kinda like a classic slasher spun on it's head.
  • JayneJayne
  • "Jennifer" (directed by Argento BTW) was series one Jayne, but on the second boxed set that I haven't got yet, but have seen on the stand alone DVD.  As far as the quick write up I read about the Mike Garris episode, it's the weakest of the first series so I don't think you missed much, it's actually the next disc in the set, so I'll let you know how it is first hand when I watch it.
  • JayneJayne
  • Ah!  Sorry Jayne, as I said I'm yet to get the second boxed set, not until payday.  So that little gem will be something to look forward too!!!
  • Forgot to post the other night, but I watched the Mick Garris Episode - Chocolate which was a lot better than I was expecting after the review I read.

    And tonight I watched the episode by Lucky McKee - Sick Girl which was very entertaining, gross, funny and well acted.  And loads of BUGS.
  • Watched THIRST today, from the director of OLDBOY. Kinda neat, offbeat Korean vampire flick... it's got its True Blood-ian elements (vampire romance and sex scenes), but add to that mental illness, the priesthood, and family dysfunction and abuse, and a hearty dose of self-awareness (which allows the flick to enter absurdity without alienating the audience). I wouldn't say it's for everyone, but it's worth a look. 
  • Ah!  Just added that to my to see list the other day after seeing a trailer.
  • Tonight's offering on my Televisual box of tricks?

    Dear Woman, John Landis' effort from the Masters Of Horror, LOADS of fun, scary, gory and a good plot, which his son wrote the screenplay for.
  • Nah, it'd be cheap (or perhaps I should say "NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN!!!"). But I love the new genre you've proposed. What else would fit?
  • JayneJayne
  • A mate of mine which I went to see the new Inglorious lent me the DVD of the original version, and I loved it, he didn't, but your right Dan, it's just not int he same league, for me the only other film that I can think of in the same SORT of vain, the irreverent and greatly funny Kelly's Heroes, but does it count?

    SIDE NOTE, until watching the extras for John Landis' section of The Masters Of Horror, I NEVER knew he worked on Kelly's Heroes!

    Jayne, I'm the same as you, after Pulp Fiction and before Inglorious the only Tarantino I've liked is Kill Bill one, and I've never even seen Jackie Brown, must get around to that.

    Tonight I watched the last installment on the MOH boxed set I have, Homecoming by Joe Dante, and I'm just dieing to know how that went down in the US after it first aired?  I know there is a bit of a tradition for political themed zombie flicks (especially after Uncle George) but WOW!  I enjoyed it, but it's like nothing I have ever watched before, I didn't know which way to turn, one minute it was a zombie flick, the next an episode of the West Wing, then it would spin into almost slapstick!
  • RombieRombie
    Don't go from Inglorious to Death Proof... you'll just be saddened. There are only 2 sequences in Death Proof worth seeing, but in order to see them you'll have to sit through about 40-50 minutes of very lengthy lengthy dialogue in single shots and deal with every other shot inbetween being a shot of feet (due to QT's foot fetish) each time. It's a shame because Kurt Russel is awesomely bad ass and even though he's the main point of the story, he's really the character you spend the least time with for obvious reasons. But do see the fake trailers and the RR/Planet Terror half of the Grindhouse experience, because thats a roller coaster ride.

    I just watched RocknRolla... I don't understand the hype about it myself now. It was an okay film, but definently not Ritchie's best. Not even close. Maybe it was just because it was Ritchie's return at the time it was released, people were really happy but it wasn't as good as people kept saying.
  • Are you sure you are not thinking of Ritchie's production credits for films like Layer Cake and Mean Machine as he's only really done one full length "Ritchie" film since Snatch, and before RocknRoller, unless you count that Madonna film Washed Out of something?  Sorry Swept Away.

    The only other pucka! Ritchie film in the time between was Revolver!!!  I've watched it maybe 4 times now and I still can't fathom it out?
  • Love Snatch, really liked L4yer Cake. Lock, Stock... I thought was good, but not as good as Snatch (kind of like how I feel with Tarantino - the first movie shows the raw material, and the second makes good). Holmes, I thought was a neat diversion (but look out if Jayne registers her own feelings with that one), haven't seen Revolver or Rock n Rolla, and no interest in the Madonna flick. 

    As for us, we caught Get Him To The Greek today. Some laugh out loud stuff, but I wouldn't say consistently funny. Maybe it suffered from having watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall again before we went - which, IMO, is still terrific - good balance of funny and serious, that. Greek goes for the same thing and only partially achieves it, but hey. We didn't pay for it and I had a few laughs, which is what I was going for.

    Tonight's edutainment for me will be Legend - Director's Cut. I've been wanting to check this out for a while, but only now did it finally catch up on my Netflix cue. At some point I'm going to have to check out Ridley Scott's commentary, too, since I hear it's pretty great.
  • RombieRombie
  • @Rombie, actually Ritchie was the exec producer of Mean Machines, but that was the point I was trying to get across, the fact that Ritchie had nothing to do with the films, but often gets mistakenly credited for them.

    I've often read or heard people say that both Layer Cake and Mean Machine were Ritchie films.
  • JayneJayne
  • To me there is NOTHING wrong with any film anybody likes, as long as I don't have to like it as well, I'm fine with anybodies opinion.

    So go on Dan tell us.
  • Not too much (if anything) to add about Twilight, but it's the first time I've seen the new improved spoiler code at work, LOVE it.

    Twilight now, beautiful people acting badly for other beautiful people to watch, so that leaves me WELL out of the loop, so I never intend watching any of the series.

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