Transformers: War for Cybertron
  • OK, here's one that I haven't seen a lot of buzz on here for (I'm hoping from lack of interest vs bad buzz)... it was just announced that one can play Thundercracker (in addition to the already-announced Starscream and Skywarp), which makes my day (already made by the knowledge that Shockwave is also playable).

    Every promotional clip I've seen has looked tremendous, but then I've seen some fantastic ad campaigns attached to some cruddy games, so who knows.

    So, I guess the question is, anybody else looking to get this or heard anything cool?
  • vincentvincent
    I was initially looking forward to it, but then remembered how I was looking forward to the Transformers game on the PS2 a few years back and was then dissappointed with it.

    But as soon as there's a demo on xbl, I'll definitely be having a look at it.  I just hope they've got Starscream's voice right (by right I mean like the cartoon) instead of the indistinguishable voices in the movies.

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