Hello World!
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
  • I'm here now!


    Place looks nice with it's coat of new pain and all.


    I like what you've done with it.


    Can make a home here I recon!
  • JayneJayne
    The new forum is like a spaceship compared to the old forums... so slick and clean.  I expected voice activation.


    Still getting used to some of the functions, but it's a tidy improvement.


    Good call Dan!
  • I'm very supportive of any "new coat of paint" initiative... as long as I don't have to apply it for a couple of days :)
  • Don't think I'll EVER get used to the no DOUBLE RETURN thingy though, every time I finish a sentence/paragraph I end up with a HUGE gap between!!!
  • Cool, I'll be famous yet???

    On the subject of mods Dan, is there anything we as users or you as the creator can do about skinning the forums to personal taste.  I'm not saying things look bad, it's just an idea and as the rest of of the new stuff seems to customisable!!!
  • I hope nobody changed their user names with the registration.  I hate it when I have to figure out who everyone is all over again.


  • Greetings, 'Wacker - truly, Yost_Flix = Jersey Jim from ye olde boardes.(and 'tis a Y not a V, no harm done)
  • Hey, is Raven here?  Did anybody give him the heads up?


  • Email regarding the closing and new forums was successfully sent to every active member at the old forums.

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