Little Big Planet
  • Wow, all... I know that this isn't really the kind of game that usually gets discussed on this board, but... I cracked this open today, and I've just been having a great time with it. Anybody else played it?
  • Me, Me, ME!!!

    I played it when it first came out and LOVED it.

    Even bought the Metal Gear Solid DLC for it.

    The gameplay can get a bit glitchy (well it was up until the last time I played it maybe a year ago now), but that can be over looked because you have such a BIG smile on your face the whole time you are playing it.

    Check out some of the  user created levels, go for anything with a really high rating and you will have fun, some of the creations out there are maybe better than the official levels.
  • The Metal Gear stuff seems to come with this version (Game of the Year), since when I tricked out my Sackperson I had the option of giving him armor - I did give him a crash helmet (and a Genghis Khan goatee, Mozart pants, a tie and a brush. Also, he's denim.)

    Funny thing was, I forgot that the PS3 controller had a sort of accelerometer functionality... but makin the little guy dance is one of the best things I've ever seen.

    What I'm wondering (and I could choose to look it up, but so far I'm lazy) is how many levels are fan-made? My version started with levels made by "King," while the opening level (credits/learn-to-jump) were credited to the development company. I'm thinking "King" is just one of the developers though. Guess I'll find out.
  • Yes you are right, that is all story based what you can access at the moment, it takes a bit of time to be able to access that fan made levels and then you get the option to go to the story mode, or visit the fan mad mode.
  • JayneJayne
    I haven't played this yet, but I watched Jim play, and by god, if this isn't the sweetest, happiest, most adorable game I've ever seen.  If you handed me a kitten while I was watching, I'd likely die of some kind of shock.

    And that's not saying the game is "cutesy," which is demeaning.  It's just so boundlessly pleasant and happy it makes me want to cry for being such a jaded adult.
  • I'm kinda lucky like that, I can still be a big kid, I don't mean that in a silly way, I can still see the wonder in things, I can also allow myself to be scared by horror films and the like.  Yes I am jaded by life, but I can also see just how lovingly this game was put together.


    As a couple of my cartoon friends would say, HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!
  • I'll TEACH you to be happy!


    I'll teach your GRANDMOTHER to SUCK EGGS!!!

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