Lost: The Favorite
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    You probably noticed, but reaction to this episode runs the gamut from "best episode ever" (Slate.com) to "WTF was that waste of time" (other people).  Uncharacteristically, those of us who have the time zone advantage hopped on the issue and started talking about it in the thread titled "LOST: Across the Sea" started by 'Whacker.  Sorry… it's one of those things that just had to happen. 

    Maybe we should consolidate the discussion so that we don't have competing threads?


    EDIT: I can't seem to figure out if its possible to consolidate threads, so my best laid plans... Anyway, the discussion is continuing there.  I've re-raised the spaceship theory, first posited as a goof, because I think it is totally supported by what Fred... I mean.. MIB said about controlling the flow of water and air.  He's talking about controlling some kind of nuclear reaction.  Anyway, the others have some ideas, too...

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