• JayneJayne
  • JayneJayne
    You didn't say you liked my poem. :( 

    I'm so sad now...


    And here's where we go yin-yang on the emotional impact of stuff-- I found last night's ep to be 142% more emotionally affecting than the reunion of Jin and Sun.  No, it wasn't their in-English buh-byes (why would they speak English when their native tongue is more familiar in terms of expressing emotional things, anyway?), it wasn't the releasing of their hands... Nope.. it was Hurley.


    When Hurley lost it on the beach, I did.  I've read analyses that liken Hurley to the Greek chorus of the show, and it's emotional center. I put Hurley and Frank in the chorus, but Hurley definitely is the heart, and when he gets overwhelmed, how can we not react?


    I'll wait to discuss more details for when you're ready.   There were some things last night that made me go "hmmm" but also some that made me go "ah ha!"


    Nice work on the server switch.  This new site loads 163.5% faster than the old site.
  • I'd say we don't KNOW that they spoke English, it may have been a Red October moment. But now that I think about it, they went back and forth with subtitles, so I'm probably full of it.

    As to the name reveal in Ep 15, I put money down on

    Manheim Blake

    too much?

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