cvxfreak is on Twitter
  • Taking one of my usual strolls down Dark Legacy memory lane, I began wondering recently whatever happened to one of our good pals, cvxfreak. A Google search answered that question lickety-split:

    Unlike Dan, who has moved on from the world of video gaming, or Marco, who for some reason has devoted his life to the study of medicine and saving people's lives (poor, demented sap), it appears ol' Alex -- um, I mean, cvxfreak -- hasn't changed one bit.

    Good to see he's still around.
  • I used to talk to him frequently over at when he posted there, but with work loads that dropped off... he was working translation work for 8-4 as an intern and then paid staff on helping translate some fairly big games for a few years, and then has been working for a few different Japanese gaming companies on various things.

    Now he's working on new projects with gaming music talent as the CEO and Development Manager of Brave Wave, which is damn impressive stuff. I haven't talked to him since about this time last year more or less, but he's not too hard to get a hold of. He keeps telling me if I make my way to Japan to make sure I have to come see him while I'm there. haha.

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