Silent Hill P.T.?
  • Saw this Markiplier video on YouTube of him playing (and commenting) on a demo for what appears to be a new Silent Hill game called... I think... "Silent Hill P.T."

    The graphics look great (it's a PS4 game) but the play is extremely repetitive, to put it mildly, and though not lacking for creepy atmosphere, the game has seemingly nothing in common with previous Silent Hill titles.

    Has anyone seen this game, played the demo, know anything about this release at all?
  • PlopperPlopper
    Isn't that the Guillermo del Toro collaboration that was canned recently? I know next to nothing about it as I've been almost out of the new games loop for over a year now!
  • Beats me... but if I had a dime for every Guillermo del Toro collaboration that ended up hitting the skids...
  • RombieRombie
    Woah, you guys really missed the boat on this whole thing... especially the more recent dramas....

    It was announced as a playable game by a new studio called 7880, an interactive playable teaser specifically (that's what the title "P.T." stands for) at the Sony part of the European Gamescom last August (2014) with no mention of Del Toro, Kojima, or any connection to Silent Hill.

    The demo itself is very clever and especially when you don't know whats going on, which no one did at first, until people started figuring out how to finish it. The repetition is actually a really clever way of constantly manipulation of the player. When you did, you got a trailer in the end announcing Del Toro, Kojima's connection, an appearance of Norman Reedus as the main character, and the final announcement that the game was called 'Silent Hills.'

    The whole thing was another ploy under Kojima Productions (much like earlier MGS5 hijinks with a fake studio) but this time it worked better, even if people finished the demo a lot quicker than the team ever expected. In any case Konami had given Kojima oversight of the Silent Hill brand to relaunch it and this was supposed to be the starting point. The teaser was put together by a small team at KojiPro, I think 6 to 8 people is the number I read. There wasn't any indictations on what the final game might actually be like, but I think it was only going to grow outward from the feedback from the PT itself.

    Fast forward to a few months back and questions began coming out about things going on at Konami, and people noted that on several websites and product mockups of upcoming Metal Gear stuff Kojima's name, always placed om MG titles since MGS2, was missing... then there was notices of Kojima Productions, and the recently created L.A. office that was doing the MG Online part of MGS5 all being rebranded as Konami named branches. Kojima mostly vanished from the public eye on Twitter and so forth, staff video blogs stopped happening, and rumors came out about Konami reorganizing itself across the VG business. With it supposedly Kojima's position being reduced, contracted staff only working to December, and other issues with the company all being a slap in the face of things that didn't seem to have had any issues.

    Then rumors that Silent Hills had been cancelled came to light, then that was confirmed through several sources. Konami then started a 'clense' of PT material, including removing the download from a selectable choice on the PS Store, and then wiping the download off the servers so even people with it in their download history on their PS4's couldn't get it again if they had removed it from their HDD.

    Basically also all the PR surrounding this whole thing, PT and Kojima, has been poorly handled by Konami. I can spare you all the details more than I said, but if you do a google search there is probably dozens of articles and videos explaining the whole thing better than I could anyway.

    So yeah, sadly even if you have a PS4 or were planning on getting one, you chance to get PT or try 'Silent Hills' will never happen... and videos like the one linked above are about the only evidence it ever existed.

    On a final note, the teaser has inspired some people to make games based on bits of the concept in PT. The most recent and impressive of these is an alpha of a game called Alyson Road, being developed in Unreal Engine 4.

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