Thomas Wilde's RE Story Analysis Updated
  • And here I thought our old pal Wanderer had fallen off the face of the earth.

    For those who might have forgotten, Dan Birlew many years back wrote an online doc called The Resident Evil Plot Analysis, covering every RE game that had been released up to that date. After a few revisions, Dan turned the reins over to Thomas Wilde, who'd been keeping the file updated since then. I figured that by now Thomas had gotten sick and tired of having to keep up with all the new RE releases, but apparently not. His latest version, actually updated in 2012, covers the series up to RE6.

    Now if we can only convince Marco to update his RE Chronology :)

  • Thomas for a while at least was posting back on the Project Umbrella forums ( - which is a very good resource of translated Japanese Biohazard material) , while working on that update in 2011 and 2012. He messaged me about it when he finished it, and submitted it to GameFAQ's to update. While I posted the new version as my last ever post on REFan, since GameFAQ's is now 100% updated by CBS Interactive staff they're shit at updating things... And only put up new versions of actual game guides these days (other items aren't very often put up anymore). So Thomas' update never got posted... fairly crap further to me seeing as they could go see the out of date version is up, and just needs to be replaced.

    In any case I have no idea if he'll ever update it again for future releases. The fact he's still around writing means maybe every few years he'll keep on top of it.

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