So Guys... Are We Over?
  • Dan has moved on with his life (haven't we all?), and as a result, these boards have pretty much ground to a halt, with only an occasional contribution from Rob, Plopper, or Vincent to keep things interesting.

    It was a good long run while it lasted, though. I think I've been with you guys since Winter of 2001, back on the old Dark Legacy boards. (I can still remember the days when Dan posted as "President Evil" and Jayne was "Lucidique." Ugh, I feel OLD.)

    I'll still make an occasional post here so long as these forums remain up. Mostly these days you can find me at either Red Letter Media, MST3K forums, or bad movie boards like Jabootu. (I can post links if anyone's interested.)

    Where're the rest of you guys hanging out these days?
  • Funny, you wrote up what I was thinking after I made my last post on here....

    I am about to move half way around the world in a few months time so I would have disappeared for a few months while I was traveling anyway. Leaving the end of May, arrive in the UK in late August.

    I don't quite get if Dan's just ignoring the forums to be replaced with comments from his blog posts or is planning on remaking the skin for the to match the new site and add some web development forums before putting it back on the site.

    I guess also he hasn't so much moved on as gone back to where he started somewhat, his sites back on the original E-O were always well ahead of their time so I'm not surprised he's decided to go back down the web path. It's nice to see anyway.

    You should post the links to the forums you're on, or any other social media or such, just in case I guess....

    My e-mail is still mcgregorr NOSPAM @ xtra . co . nz (remove spaces and spam comment). I'm on the books of face at if anyone else is, feel free to add me. I don't use it often, but I respond to messages on there.

    I have a barely updated blog at and my online portfolio for my media work will be at - but that's not online yet as of me writing this, but might be when you check, because I'm redesigning it. I'm rusty on the whole design thing... it won't be as flash as Dan's work that's for sure. :)

    Also anyone wanting to follow my movie lists or watching exploits, I have a profile on Letterbox'd at - the site is awesome for people like Plopper and Vincent, you can log films and make lists of things, including a watchlist... and if they read this I suggest they check it out.
  • The forums and sites I frequent are varied.

    Red Letter Media, creator of all those hysterical YouTubes slamming the Star Wars prequel trilogy, has a forum here:

    Please note that they eat noobs alive on those boards, and there's the occasional trolling and flaming in threads, but I've had a lot of fun posting there.

    (And if you haven't checked out RLM's Star Wars YouTubes yet, do so NOW.)

    I'm also a huge MST3K fan and this site has become my mecca:

    Extremely well moderated, a very friendly and welcoming community over there. If you're a Crow and Tom fan, you won't be disappointed.

    The Jabootu bad movie blog can be found here:

    I'm usually around posting comments in the blog and (infrequently) in their forum.

  • vincentvincent
    I keep forgetting about this place. I guess it's because it has become quiet and things have been strained here (but better now).

    If anyone needs to reach me I'm on as VincentAC

    And I'm GreigShelob on the Xbox 360 (which I'm on almost every day.

    I've also got a naff blog that's infrequently updated with random gubbins


    Where in the UK are you moving to? And good luck on the long journey, hope everything goes smoothly.
  • I for some reason decided to pop past here... just in case anyone else does pop back to check. I'll make sure I copy down peoples links in case Dan gets rid of the forums in a future update.

    Vincent - I'm now in London trying to find work. A few months of travel was great, and aside from getting sick here and there it went well. I from I'll be here for at least a year for now provided I don't run out of cash first... it's looking like it might take me a few months to find a solid job. :p
  • Thanks for the info.

    Just wondering, Rob: how many of your games have travelled with you to the UK? Or are you keeping them all in a box in storage back home?
  • WOW how long is it since I bin here!!!

    ZW mailed me the other day, so I thought that I would check out the old place.

    Not a lot has happened here since I last logged in! Has Dan completely given up on the forums do we know? He seems very active on his other social media links.

    As for me I'm still working in a charity shop, enjoying games and films. I have a lady friend called Becci, we have been together for 18 months now. I've JUST finished buying, building and converting a shed into a mini workshop for model making and crafts!

    Unfortunately I have NO social media links as I belong to none of them, about the only forums I go to daily are;

    My E-Mail if anybody wants to get in touch is;

    resi plopper @ google mail . com

    Without the spaces of course.

    I'll be sure to come back here more often now!!!
  • @zombiewhacker - Still back in NZ in storage. Far too much stuff to bring with me not knowing how long I'll be here. Not a single console or portable with me actually... first time I've had no consoles in well over 25 years now I'd say. Scary thought. Phones don't count. :p

    @Plopper - I think Dan's abandoned the forum publicly in the face of his career change and not told anyone the plans. :)

    For all of you in the UK, where exactly are you each located? If I'm ever in your areas I'd love to meet you in person if we ever get the chance.
  • PlopperPlopper
    I be up in the North of Wales @Rombie. If I remember correctly Vincent is up in Glasgow.

    So how have you found it with no way of playing console games then @Rombie? I've played less and less games over the last 4 or 5 years, but to be without games at all I don't think I could!!!
  • Ah, a little further away than I'll be likely to appear anytime soon (in central London currently). Mind you I guess it depends on work options that come up, who knows. I could go out and buy a cheap console or handheld and make use of them, but at this stage I'm too focused on work, money, and costs for that right now.
  • I'm all the way up in Dundee. I rarely get the chance to travel long distances so I'll be stuck here for eternity :D
  • I drive for my work here sometimes but it's all mostly local... largest trip has been south to the coast at Brighton. I haven't been far north at all, not really outside the Greater London limits anyway. I'm getting paid not terribly lots either so I can't see it changing anytime soon.

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