Resident Evil/BioHazard 1.5
  • PlopperPlopper
    I know that not only a few of us here are fans of the old Resi games and me I'm a nut for them and still play them now. So when I found out about this new recreation/renovation of the old scrapped demo of Resident Evil 2 I was stoked and I'm really looking forward to it's release.

    And to finally get to play the demo after it was leaked was something that I thought that I'd never get to do.

    Anybody else been keeping up with the news?
  • I have been. Actually the last couple of years. It's been quite drama filled with one of the IGAS supporters trying to sell a build out from under them (which is why the buggy build was released). And even before then other people leaked images and let people know it was being worked on. If that hadn't happened they wouldn't have said anything until it was about to launch.

    On top of it that has caused a rift of people who want a big fixed but untouched release because it's Capcom's true vision or something. Which is stupid because it's unfinished.

    The buggy release was slightly worked on by the team and a few weeks back the plain build originally from Capcom was released. In some ways it's more playable because it doesn't randomly freeze as much when checking items but it has less content.

    I'd say sub to the FBook page if you haven't. It'll keep you updated for when they release a more finished build. It was originally going to be before the end of this year but I expect it'll be later next with how things have progressed. I'm looking forward to playing the finished release. Old school RE. Awesome.
  • AWSOME in deed. I've been trying to keep up with the progress on The Horror Is Alive forums, but that place has just turned into a complete ship-fest! Hopefully it will be better when the topic is unlocked on the 11th.

    Also I don't have a Facebook account any more so subbing on their page is a no go, but I do have it bookmarked and read what posts I can.
  • PlopperPlopper
    Well as I've sort of re-discovered this topic I thought that I'd add to it, it's been a very odd time in the 1.5 community of late, there is SO much going on after such a long wait It would be really great if we could chat about it here. Somewhat away from all the madness of some other forum with their in fighting and rival sites.
  • The discussion on THIA has dropped down in the madness a little lately which is nice, but it's always boiling under so as soon as something happens it all comes out.

    I'll be happy to see IGAS's project release at some point, and it's exciting to think about the idea of playing a traditional PS era title somewhat, but I'm never been that fussed about 1.5 in general in the past as a missed chance. As many mention it's simply a game the developers scrapped and then used the best parts of to make the game we got in the end.
  • PlopperPlopper
    Me too personally I've always preferred the way the it turned out with RE2.

    But I've always loved keeping up with intrigue and goings on in the background with the betas and such. And I've always wanted to play the betas as I hate anything like that be it because something got canned or because it got censored, I've always hunted that kind of thing down.

    I just wish that Team IGAS would keep up a bit more up to date, NO spoilers, just the odd line on Farcebook or THIA saying something about the process and development.
  • They used to at clockwork amounts, but I guess with the way people make demands on them it's put them off... and I also get the feeling things are progressing slower than originally expected.

    I have issues with 'B. Zork' and his attitude towards the community a little. He tends to paint everyone in the community as a bunch of horrible people often and says the fan community of the game is probably one of the worst... I know the team had had to deal with unsavory people in it's time, but it's certainly not specific to RE - anyone dealing with early prototypes of games can have that happen, no matter how big the franchise.
  • PlopperPlopper
    But 1.5 has had some of the MOST vehement of hunters after it at times. It's blown up out of all proportions every time there has even been a sniff of a release or even mention of media from it. It's not really surprising that they are very suspicious of the community as a whole. That's not to say that it's right that he bad mouths the whole community for a few bad apples. But I can imagine just how many people they have had over the course of the last year or so since the leak contacting them asking for later builds!
  • I'm not saying there isn't some extreme responses out there but the whole hardcore prototype community acts like spoiled children and not any different over long missing prototypes than just 1.5... the worst part is Zork knows this from a couple of other things that have happened, and also the fact that some of their problems he lumps on "the community" have happened not because of RE fans but because of prototype fans who screwed them over. That would have happened regardless of the content.

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