Resident Evil 6 Coming In October
  • Looking forward to this, given how much I enjoyed RE5.

    Interesting that Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy are joining forces for the first time. No word yet (perhaps Rombie would know) whether our two characters will combo, as Chris and Sheva did last time, or if instead they'll be stuck in separate storylines, like Claire and Chris in Code Veronica.
  • JayneJayne
    AMC ran a marathon of The Walking Dead, and every other commercial break, over 19 episodes, had the promo for this game. It looks good, but I feel like I've played it already. Ha!
  • RombieRombie
    There is 6 characters announced thus far, in 3 parings of 2 each in 3 different scenarios.

    The character parings are:
    Leon and Helena Harper, another govt. agent.
    Chris and Piers Nivans, another BSAA agent.
    Sherry Birkin, now a govt. agent, and Jake Muller, who is supposedly Albert Wesker's son.

    Capcom have show cased that at points the character paths merge and up to 4 characters, and thus up to 4 people, can team up at certain points and sometimes opposite characters will work together. They've shown Helena and Jake and Leon and Sherry, so no doubt at some point it'll be Chris and Leon.

    Ada Wong has also been rumored to be partnered with someone in a 4th scenario, but who that is hasn't been said. Capcom hasn't officially announced the scenario but it's already been confirmed in other ways.

    Even with the slower paced classic Leon area (a University building simular to RPD), the game is mostly focused on action and it mostly looks like more of RE5 (and 4) than anything like the old days.
  • PlopperPlopper
  • I've made my peace with the fact that we'll never see another "old days" type game again. Unless someday Capcom does a reboot, like the Cubed RE remake.

    Like I said, RE5 was enjoyable enough on its own merits, so whatever.

    As for the 4th scenario partner, if it's Ada Wong, wouldn't Leon make more sense?
  • JayneJayne
    I think it'll be Sheva, who, having followed Umbrella's shenanigans to the Sudan, found herself in over her head. George Clooney will have a cameo as her version of Bosley, and a portion of the proceeds will be to project Red.
  • RombieRombie
    @Plopper - that would be more funny if it was HUNK :p :D

    @zombiewhacker - In theory of their history it would make sense, but in the gameplay not really based on the fact it looks like Ada's scenario might be a bit like Seperate Ways in RE4 - where it takes place in the locations and events surrounding the other characters storyline.

    The reason Ada has been confirmed basically but not officially by Capcom was people pulled open the RE6 demo files and found confirmation of her playable existance. Of course this has led to people thinking she maybe Capcom's "DLC" or Disc Locked Content instead of an actual open scenario when the game is purchased :p

    @Jayne - Given the convolted series plot for the past several years, anything and everything is possible :p
  • Steve and Tofu are unlockable playable characters. Just confirmed.
  • RombieRombie
    @zombiewhacker ... eh?

    I'm avoiding watching anymore gameplay/trailers/etc. from now on. Capcom ruined RE5 through media saturation of lengthy trailers showing almost everything. Don't want that again.
  • PlopperPlopper
  • I did just read they've announced something like Versus Mode in L4D for the game now where once you've finished it you can go replay parts of the game as an enemy, and not only that it'll impact on other peoples online hero based game if they allow their game to be open. Thats quite cool.
  • PlopperPlopper
    From what a friend said you are actually in their game, free roaming, they know that you are there but not which monster you are!
  • Considering the main enemy, the J'avo, constantly mutates from being attacked this seems like a great new idea. And it's optional if you don't want other people in your game.

    Capcom also confirmed the worst kept secret ever and there is a 4 th scenario with Ada Wong. It's single player only and has more of an old school puzzle idea, so something more like Lost In Nightmares in RE5.
  • Checking Amazon out, I'm confused by all the "options" available:

    What's the difference between RE6, RE6 Anthology, and RE6 Archives?

    "Does this mean I'll have to buy the White Album again?"
  • They are just special editions for the US, one is for PS3 and the other for 360. They are RE6 plus digital downloads of earlier RE games. The content differs because the PSN can give you RE1-3 on the PS3 which aren't on the 360.
  • I see Mr. Birlew is writing the RE6 OSG for BradyGames. I figured this might be the case for a while now based from his recent absense from his own forums. :)
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    @Rombie Hmm, elementary, Dr. Watson! ;) Good sleuthing there. However I'm not ready to start discussing or promoting the book yet as we're still proofing and awaiting official corrections. But nicely done, nonetheless.
  • Ah can't take too much credit. Piggyback confirmed they werent doing the guide again to me a month or two back, then I heard Brady was. Given your history of RE titles including ORC last with them I guessed it was quite likely to be you. Someone linked the Amazon link for the SE over at another site and I saw the regular version had new art. Not high quality, so you couldnt read it, but the name in the bottom corner looked close enough to be yours :) I figured it would still be too early to talk but I will be interested to know what extras are in the collectors version other than the hardcover art and the patches being included when you can talk.

    For everyone else a free demo for all is up on XBL and PSN on the 18/19th. Different than the early Dragons Dogma one.
  • Yeah I can't blame you. I am glad they are putting out another demo as well as I tried the DD one and it was a very old build and between issues they've later fixed and the bits selected I was not as enthused about the game but I am hoping an improved demo will help that.

    I know it includes bits of Leon, Chris, and Jakes campaign so you will get to try the different styles.
  • Still no Claire, though, right? Bummer. You'd think with Sherry's return, their plotlines would naturally intersect at some point.
  • No, no Claire. There is part of Chris' story which became apparent in the first demo as well which I find odd given the people like Claire and Jill would go looking for Chris, but instead it takes members from the BSAA to find him. To say more might be a spoiler, but I just found that setup very odd.
  • RE favoritism lately seems to be leaning xy. Claire has been AWOL for years, Becky's face might as well be on a milk carton, and Jill, once central to the RE universe, was reduced to a boss cameo in RE5.
  • Jill was the main character in Revelations on the 3DS, which was somewhat of a love letter to fans of the old style games in a lot of ways (while keeping a gameplay style akin to RE4's). It was critically successful, but I don't know how well the sales went. Probably to Capcom's lowered expectations but not a smash hit. I won't be surprised if we see a port to maybe the WiiU.

    I might agree as far as past characters go mostly to the male side in repeat apperances - specially Leon, and then Chris... but what I've played of the demo of RE6 with Helena and Sherry Birkin, they hold their own. Sherry obviously has history. Plus there is Ada Wong of course as well. One thing I can never complain about with the franchise is surpisingly the general character strength of the female characters.... well except maybe Ashley Graham in RE4.

    Jill has a big fanbase, I'm sure she'll be back sometime. I thought Claire did too, but we'll wait and see. She was in the first CG film. Maybe next game. Her character has become slightly difficult to put into danger more since after Code Veronica's story.
  • Thanks for the heads-up about Revelations. I never heard of it until just now.

    In fact, I never heard of the Nintendo 3DS until just now, so I guess a double thanks are in order.
  • You're doubly welcome I guess. :). I have a copy of Revelations on my shelf that I got for $27 brand new clearance from a store that was getting out of gaming. But no console to play it on. Lol
  • Plopper - I suggest going back and giving it a second shot. I'm not saying this because its RE or anything, I am saying this because the demo gives really bad first impressions but the more you play it the more depth you find in the combat. I was totally in the same wagon as you and lots of people online were too. But then some of the vocal minority pointed out things you will miss and so I went back and found it wasn't as bad as its first impressions show. And while some things still suck there is more to the game play than it first appears.

    Lower the aim and camera sensitivity, crank up the brightness to around 35 and then try out some combo melee moves. Honestly can slide, hit a zombie, quick fire, jump a table and then shoot another. The cover system is pointless but the speed in the controls makes up for it.

    While you can turn off the way point markers there is fairly limited exploration though. All point a to point b it seems. That is a bit sad.

    Barring the seemingly bad and useless cover the controls kinda ape Mikami's Vanquish somewhat. Not even at the company for over half a decade and he's still making decisions for them :p
  • @DanBirlew - No doubt you have seen this?

    Quick question, no one has unlocked it seemingly legitimately to confirm but someone said it's mentioned in your guide somewhere, but do you legitimately unlock the No Hope mode from completing Pro mode with all 7 playable characters?
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    @Rombie Our data told us to complete all four campaigns.
  • Cheers Dan. Either Capcom changed this to all 7 characters or just the main 4, but I have seen a couple of people who have finished pro with characters in each of the 4 campaigns and it hasn't unlocked. But in both cases one or more of the characters has just been a second character like Sherry or Piers so I wonder if its supposed to be the main four or all 7. And so people are beginning to worry it actually is DLC material now.
  • I've been playing this all week. It's taken me a while but I have grown to like it. If only there was some way to stop losing control of the camera so much. It can be difficult to see which way you're going, or the camera will change at a sudden moment during a set scene and you'll be going the wrong way (Chris, Chapter 5, running up the wall getting chased by the huge creature trying to knock him off is possibly the worst example).

    @Plopper I'd definitely give it a second chance. Don't think of it as a Resi game, just try and experiment with the controls and you might find yourself enjoying it a bit. I do think that they've possibly chosen a bad part of Chris' story to throw you in on, and getting thrown in at the deep end with Jake is a bit much.

    The thing I've come to enjoy most about RE6 is that you don't need to babysit the partner AI, you don't need to swap eapons/ammo etc either. I'd just like the inventory to be more like RE5.
  • @DanBirlew - Looks like they dropped No Hope out of the final retail or change their mind on how it's unlocked as it's been announced as unlocked via free DLC along with the ability to co-op Ada's campaign (somehow?).

    I've played through the three characters and half of Ada's. Leon's campaign was great but tailed off in the last couple of chapters, Chris' got better as it went on, and Jake's was my least fav due to the skitzo campaign flow that felt like every idea was thrown into it (racing/driving, fighting/combat, stealth, action, fetch questing, on top of everything else that Leon and Chris' basics are as well). But I enjoyed the story even though it was simple, and what I've played of Ada's so far has been good too.

    The whole game does have issues and I think some more playtesting and not bringing the launch up the six weeks or so might have fixed things. Chris and Piers' driving Humvee section was probably the worst looking/playing bit of the whole game. Honestly played PS1 era games with better driving physics and less graphics clipping. The occassional sticky cam annoyed in certain areas as @vincent mentioned, especially in the last chapter of Jake's campaign (if you haven't played that bit, you'll know when you get there).

    Little annoyed to find that in-game files via the medallians are only half of the files. You can only read the full versions by going on to the service which I've found a bit clunky and has been having network issues due to the original launch demands. Might be happier once the iPhone app goes up though (you can get one for Android's already if you're that way phone inclined).
  • So I platinumed the game and basically that was my dash with it I think. If I was to give it a score out of 10 it would be a 6. It's got some great ideas in places and the gameplay mechanics open up the more you play it, but then other much poorer ideas and a muddled gameplay focus of everything and the kitchen sink kinda lets it down in the end. Leon and Ada's campaigns were the highlights, and I almost wish they were the only two - just made longer and more focused and expanded out to include Sherry and Jake into the narative instead. Chris and Piers' story is fine but the game wouldn't be all that different without it, and Jake's was just so light on content which is why what little should have been placed into the aformentioned. But of course thats my opinion.

    Agent Hunt though was way more fun than I expected it to be, even though it's hard to kill agents the ability to play as so many creatures and all of their moves in others games was great. I hope Capcom brings this back in future titles.

    Sadly Capcom has also downed forecasted sales of 7 million to 6, and to be honest if it even reaches that would be surprise. They shipped 4.5 million and while it sold well in Japan, it's poorly undersold and faced harsh reviews in the west. Whatever Capcom does with the franchise next will be interesting no question.

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