Lost: The Last Recruit Review
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  • JayneJayne
  • With the flip-flopping between magic/science/logic/supernatural, it almost paints one into the corner that the only really cover-all-bases ending IS a St. Elsewhere. Say, Jack having an in-flight nightmare. And then the "lingering question" thing is when he sees something in when they land proving the truth of knowledge he got "in his dream". Then for the full Wizard of Oz effect, Jacob is the pilot, and our FIRST iteration of MIB is the co-pilot, Richard is the navigator, Tom is the chief flight attendant… I dunno, just pullin this stuff out of you know where.

    But the mentioning of Carnivale being able to use "it's magic" reminds me of the post-One-More-Day Spider-Man… the quote by Joe Quesada to cover his own butt and that of the new direction of stories that when asked to explain how or why things are so different in the Brand-New-Day universe, his soundbyte was "It's magic. We don't HAVE to explain it." Which to me is a copout. Carnivale's magic has rules. Not so sure about Lost's, per se.


    EDIT: Also, Re: you getting emotional at the Sun-Jin reunion: I don't mock, because I myself am a cheap date, taken to emotional outbursts at such things as the opening scene of the new Trek, the wedding scene in Pirates of the Caribbean 3, etc... I just envy you that you still had enough connection to these characters that you DID get moved by this reunion. I had this twinge of "hey this should be hitting you like a ton of bricks" and yet, nothing. Dag nabbit.
  • JayneJayne
  • Eh, I once wrote a document making sense of all the conflicting histories of the Ghost Riders over the decades... so abundance of stuff like with Carnivale doesn't get to me - I read over the wiki documents from Knauff before I went to bed, and yeah... that's... something.


    But anyway I was thinking yesterday that Brian Vaughan's eps, which in my opinion were some of the strongest since the first season, all center around the SCIENCE! based explanations for the island and the goings-on there. Since Vaughan was hired after showing his ability to execute years-long storytelling on Y The Last Man and Ex Machina, I kind of have to feel like they (the Lost producers) were looking for somebody who knew how to do that. After he left, the show faltered again. Which says to me, he committed to the original course of he show, and they have since lost their way - no pun intended. So, I don't know, but I think whereas MAGIC! can be the lynchpin of a given series, I don't think it was necessarily meant to be on Lost... but now it seems like it is.

    My final argument towards this is the Smoke Monster's sound effects. CLEARLY mechanical, and yet I have a feeling they're going to remain unexplained or just end up filed under "scary." Which is to say, WTF.

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