LOST Season 6 thread
  • Please don't think that you have to keep all LOST discussion in a single thread anymore. With an entire LOST forum you can discuss any LOST topic you like. Plus I'll have linked blog post threads here. ;)
  • I just did a little internet searching if only to find out how many episodes are left. So we've got 3 more 1 hours including tonight, and then the 2 hour finale. But somehow with 5 hours left, I don't feel the same momentum that I'm getting out of Supernatural at the same point (and it's NOT ending), or Carnivale at this stage in its life cycle (and they didn't KNOW it was ending). I'm kind of expecting tonight to be treading-water, then next week's big-reveal ep to be jam-packed, and then I HOPE we get a good high-stakes final 1-hr ep before the finale... but then maybe I'm kidding myself.

    I'm already jaded over Cuse (or was it Lindelof) saying that the show will go out with questions. All I want is a satisfying ending. Deep in my heart of hearts I feel like they can pull a 'win', I'm just not convinced they will.

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