Silent Hill Spit Take


    Good thing I remembered to hold onto my old one.

    Of course, if it's a used SH, you can get it for as cheap as $19.99, for a savings of, oh, about $257 or so.
  • I think I got mine for £10 used around 2002.

    I've seen it go for ridiculous amounts since then, but that price is just astronomically stupid.
  • Just curious: is the UK version of Silent Hill different from the US version (more censorship crap, a subject you and Plopper have touched on many times before)?
  • I think the only differences we found in any version was that it's got the claw monsters in the school instead of the kids with knives like the demo had, but as far as we can tell the kids version wasn't even released in Japan.

    I may be wrong but @Plopper has a better memory than me so he'll be able to chime in and correct me. We did speak about it a length in emails and possibly on here when we emigrated from the old forum (not Dan's old forum, the one seperate from years ago that was black and red, can't remember the name now).
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    @vincent Dark Legacy, I believe. ;)
  • That's the one! I thought it began with a D, but other than that I just got the name of another forum in my head so I wasn't sure.

    I knew my memory was crap :))
  • The pool hall enemy kill is one of the mumbler "bear" monsters in all versions as I recall, because they turn up in the US game in the sewer section anyway and that scene takes place after. I don't think I have ever seen any differences in the actual scene from anywhere.

    The PAL version is a very shoddy port, which is probably the main reason it's been very problematic to put as a digital download on the PSN. Aside from minor things (like the background of the title screen missing) it suffers from weird speed issues from conversion from NTSC to PAL, weird masking borders (which is noticable on newer TV's), and some sound clipping issues probably also releated to the aformentioned speed changes.
  • Very true regarding the PAL issues, however Konami generally did better PS1 PAL ports than most, but the issue stems from who did the PAL conversion work. A large number of the development teams for the company actually did PAL versions in house (this is true for Castlevania SOTN and Metal Gear Solid who's own dev teams worked on the PAL editions in multiple languages) but my understanding is that Silent Hill was outsourced or done by a European company for Konami which led to it's longer delay in PAL areas. Even with some others I can think of, it still stands as my memory serves as one of the worst PAL ports of the PlayStation One format.
  • Double post, but Silent Hill is free on the PSN for Plus members in both the US and PAL areas this week. A better deal in the US of course given the quality of the PAL version. People are speculating this is a somewhat lame attempt to make up for the crappy HD title. :p
  • PlopperPlopper
    Don't think it's going to make any difference now! Any would be Silent Hill fan that's played the HD collection will NOT be staying around for Downpour I reckon!
  • Just a quick note on SH:HD - Hyjinx had to use an unfinished source code for the remakes as that's all Konami had! I can't find the original article I saw last week but this link has basically the same info:

    No wonder it's a shoddy port.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    Sad times for Silent Hill, indeed. :(|)
  • PlopperPlopper
    Very sad days indeed. It just seems total madness that Konami wouldn't keep the original finalised source code! And surely if they have not, what was the point in releasing the HD collection at all, just to make them look so BAD?
  • RombieRombie

    Original article for vincent.

    Aside from that fact, the other interesting thing was that Bluepoint do it backwards and use a finished retail version and work from that, then only go to source files when they have issues or need something in a higher resolution like CG.

    It's been over two months since Downpour and SHHD came out, and well over a month since a patch was announced for both. Either they're having big issues or have just given up on trying to fix it.

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