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  • We've already got threads about TV and movies, now we have the gaming equivalent. I actually thought about starting a thread a while ago about the games we are all currently playing but kept forgetting. Thanks to a reminder from Jayne in her latest post I thought I'd get the ball rolling on it now.

    I've got about 3 games on the go just now:

    Final Fantasy XIII. Not really enjoying the story or the combat. I finished it last week, but I'm still upgrading weapons, levelling up and doing all the side quests (which is basically just Marks like in FFXII).

    It took way to long to get to a non-linear section (chapter 11 out of 13!), the AI for the battles is really annoying. Example: Medics curing everybody in yellow danger for ~200 per move instead of curing one person for ~600. ~400 to everybody in two moves or ~600 each in two moves? Me, I'd go for the ~600. If something can get everybody in the yellow then they're going to keep them there if you're only curing ~200.

    Also, if one creature dies it's completely random who you and the AI go for next. More often than not the AI goes for someone completely different to you. And usually they're nowhere near dying. Whereas you're actually hitting something that's already half dead. If the AI helped it'd be dead in one move.

    Other than those major niggles it's not that bad. I do like the stagger idea aswell as setting up 2-5 attacks in the one move. The levelling up and class system is pretty good aswell. Being able to change paradigms (the class) in the middle of the battle is similar (but more in depth) to changing character mid fight in FFX. Speaking of FFX, the summons are similar. Everyone has one Eidolon (the funky new word for summon, in VIII it was Guardian Forces, X it was Aeons, now it's Eidolons, why can't they just call it the same thing), you can bring it out in battle as long as you have enough TP to pay for it (you have a 5 bar TP guage, summons cost 3) and you have about 30 seconds of use out of it before it'll disappear. But Eidolons also have what I suppose you'd call Limit Breaks (Gestalt in this). You can do more damage in Gestalt, but you're limited to 5 things and a time limit. Maybe I shouldn't have said as much as that, sounds pretty confusing and convoluted!

    Upgrading the weapons is a bit like VIII where you've to get the right items to do it. Although, it's not as bad as that. You basically need about 4 different items to upgrade one weapon fully, but you need multiples of the items. To upgrade a weapon to it's first major level you'd need 36 Sturdy Bones then a specific amount of Perfect Conductors, then you need a specific catalyst to change the weapon. Repeat that again with slightly different items depending on the weapon/accessory you're upgrading.

    The only problem with that is that you need a Trapezohedron to upgrade some weapons to their final stage. This can be bought for 12 million Gil. And Gil is the one thing you always need. There is another way to get it though. But you've to be lucky. Kill one of the Ademantoise which has over 5 million HP. Not too bad considering some of the normal bosses have a similar amount. But when you add in the fact that he can do 15,000 damage to everybody in one hit you kinda know you're screwed before you even start.


    I've just finished Sniper: Ghost Warrior on normal and I'm working on getting the secrets, although I think it's screwed up as I know I've got 6 to get (counting the ones I've got) but according to the level stats there's only 4 that I've missed. And they're all normal pick ups in the levels so I think 2 of them haven't counted. I guess I'll find out when I finish going through it looking for them again.

    Anyways, it's a bit like a really low budget FPS version of Spec Ops (the PS1 3rd person games). Better than Call of Duty, but the story is still naff and there are a fair few collision glitches. But then it's from a low budget company so I forgive them for the glitches.


    Been playing Call of the Dead at a mate's house. Great fun trying to kill a zombified George Romero, but bloody difficult aswell! Not too fond of the actual game itself. Played a bit of Modern Warfare 2, didn't think much of it, Black Ops is more of the same. But with Call of the Dead I think they're actually onto a good thing. If only it was a little bit easier and a completely seperate Arcade title.


    So what's everybody else been playing?
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
  • I hope you have more resources to gain an idea about FFXIII than my opinion. I just feel they've gone completely the wrong way with this one. I've only played VII - XII and this is probably not going to get replayed once I'm done. I'd used to think that X had a good system but crap story, well, maybe not crap, but certainly fairly weak. But this one is just going from one scenario to the next.

    Wait a minute, I'll stop there before I get going again. The last thing I will say though is that I enjoyed X-2 more than XIII and I've only played X-2 for a few hours before getting annoyed with the cameras. I want so much to like XIII but I just can't seem to do it.

    I found out that Sniper has screwed up the secrets, so that's that game finished with.

    So I started on the Sega Ultimate Collection (or whatever it is). Played a little bit of Alex Kidd for the first time ever. Not bad, but I can't get used to the way he moves.

    Alien Storm was quite good. I'm not that good at Double Dragon/Golden Axe type games, but I did enjoy this version. I'll efinitely play it again.

    Altered Beast I remember from the Spectrum days. Hated it back then, don't mind it much now that I know the way things are in it. Not a great game, but I might go back to that again sometime.
  • JayneJayne
    As I mentioned on my woe-is-me-I'm-back thread, I picked up Child of Eden for the Kinect (cue collective eyeroll). My inside guy with a "major toy retailer" warned me not to buy it at launch because after his E3 dinner with Ubisoft, his peeps were planning on deeply discounting it 3 weeks after launch, but I wanted a new game and so forth and so on...

    It's really a beautiful game, and once you get the hang of the rhythm, it is tremendous fun. The Kinect works really well, and I found it quite easy to get lost in it after a few minutes. The full-body immersion into the gameplay experience really works.

    All that said, I'm just too effin' tired at the end of the day to stand up and play a game. I get up at 4:30am, I run, I go to work, come home, do necessary life stuff + mommy stuff, get the baby to bed, and then ugh... the last thing I have the will to do is stand and play. It's not Child of Eden's fault. Maybe after I catch up on the 6 months of sleep I lost, I'll feel different about it.

    Prior to CoE, I got myself Portal 2 at the recommendation of friends who like "those" kinds of games... Gaming Hipsters, as I not-so-secretly call them. Friends who are architects or wear fedoras and skinny jeans. I'm squarely in the boot cut camp and thought never would I ever play one of these types of games... I still detest skinny jeans and fedoras, but I loved Portal 2.

    I had to keep the volume low and there wasn't a subtitle option, so I missed alot of the fantastic dialogue. I'm going to have to replay it. It's ironic, because I came for the dialogue but stayed for the gameplay. I'm proud to say that I never used a guide for help and figured out all the physics all by my little self. The best part, IMO, is that there are so many stages, and they're all so similar that I don't remember most of them now, just a few months later, so it'll be like playing for the first time. There are a bunch of achievements I need to get, too. It's engrossing and addictive. I miss it. I wish more people would play it because there have been so many times when I thought to say, "looks like that car hit a patch of acceleration gel" but I knew I'd get a weird side-eye like I just cursed in Klingon.

    I'm not sure what's next on the docket, though. I had gotten suckered into believing Dead Island to be the second coming of the zombie shooter, but it appears to be just a mash-up of everything I've seen before: equal parts Left 4 Dead, RE:4 and 5, and Dead Rising. Not impressed. I guess i'm going to hold out for Uncharted 3, whenever that's set to launch... I just hope installment three lasts me more than 10 hours.
  • I don't wear skinny jeans and I'm not much of a hat wearer (except for a Mortiis beanie in real life and that fedora on my avatar because there isn't a beanie I like) but I like Portal :)

    I've yet to get Portal 2. Portal was awesome (but not as unbelievably awesome as everybody keeps going on about). But I'll be waiting until I get it on sale. I'm finally getting round to getting the Stephen King replacement books I've been needing for years so I'm spending less money on games. But I am looking forward to Portal 2. I've managed to only see the trailers and Aperture Science vids. I know almost nothing about the story.

    I've only just read about some disappointments in Dead Island on Kotaku. There isn't much variety between the characters except for the changes in voices and pronouns. Shame because I was also looking forward to it, but I think I'll be going with Call of the Dead instead.

    I'm enjoying E-Swat on the Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection. Although I can't find my way round level 2. It does remind me of Robocop vs Terminator on the Megadrive which was good fun.

    I've been watching a lot of SH1 and 3 stuff lately so I might end up digging out the PS2 and finally get round to finishing SH3 on Extreme X.
  • Portal 2 is a great sequel, but it was never going to be as fresh as Portal was as an experience. But all things considered the direction taken is the best thing they could have done.

    That Sega Genesis/Mega Drive collection has been on my must play list for a long time, Sega has been releasing the individual games online, at least on the PSN, to buy (or 1 for free each month if your a PSN+ user). A friend of mine left me a few of them to play through (Sonic 1 and 2, Comix Zone, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage 2) and they've been an awesome blast from the past.

    Dead Island looks to me like it will be the massive dissapointment of the year. It looks like Dead Rising without the fun, and L4D without the awesome multiplayer. The developers track record isn't the greatest either.

    The latest stuff I've played is the CriteronGames Need For Speed Hot Pursuit from last year, which is awesome (but not as good as their work on Burnout Paradise) and the now shuttered Bizzare Creations' rushed James Bond game, 007: Blood Stone, which is decidedly average. Glad I rented it.

    Just waiting for Batman Arkham City and Uncharted 3 myself (Beta was awesome), plus the HD edition of MGS2/MGS3/PW due in October. I was going to replay them at some point anyway, and I've not got around to Peace Walker so it should be good.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
  • Siouxsie finished RE5 with me last week, she was really getting the hang of it towards the end and was able to hold her own on the boat with the cockroaches and gattling gunners while I took care of some other small fry guys.

    Okay, it was only on normal, but I honestly didn't think she'd do that well. I might even take her out on Mercenaries to see what she's like when she really panics :)

    Been playing Deadly Premonition for the past week. Really enjoying it.

    I'm only up to Chapter 9 (the start of Episode 2) but I'm taking my time doing the side missions. Doing them I've managed to get the radio, infinite sub-machine gun, infinite magnum, infinite flamethrower (Wesley's Special?), infinite wrench and the bag that lets you carry more weapons.

    I also bought the sports car as it seemed like a good all rounder to me. Loved driving it compared to the police cars. I've also got the first upgrade from the Junkyard.

    I haven't been able to get the second mystic map from Lilly yet, or the rest of the car parts.

    I don't know if the A&G Diner has any missions to do as Emily's in there waiting for me to continue the story, I just hope that not being able to go in there hinders the other missions.

    I've just decided to not bother getting the limited edition version of Arkham City, I'm going to go for the HMV exclusive instead. It's the same price as the normal version, but it's got a t-shirt and Arkham City comic with it. I can easily get more use out of them instead of the Batman statue. Hell, My Ltd Arkham Asylum is still boxed almost hidden on a shelf with the Batarang still inside it. The game sits on the shelf with the rest of the 360 games.
  • PlopperPlopper
    Well, in the last couple of weeks I've bought;

    Black for the PS2,
    Chase The Express for the PS1,
    Devil May Cry for the PS2,
    Driver 3 for PC and PS2,
    Driver Parallel Lines for the PS2,
    Fahrenheit for the PS2,
    Final Fantasy X-2 for the PS2,
    Final Fantasy XII for the PS2,
    Fear 3 for the PS3
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (yes the 3 disc special edition),
    Resident Evil (US Long Box version) for the PS1,
    Time Splitters Future Perfect for the PS2,

    And haven't played one of them! Well I have, I've played bits of all of them to check they are working as most of them were CHEAP second hand. And I do mean cheap, some of the PS2 game were 1p !!! And £2 odd for the postage!

    Of the ones I've play, know of from the past, Black looks being good, Chase The Express I've been meaning to play for YEARS but have left it for FAR too long and it looks just too bad to play now. Driver 3 looked awful when I played the demo back in the day, and time has NOT helped it at all! Fahrenheit I'm really looking forward to playing. X-2 I got for the collection as I only had the US/C version before. Subsistence and Resi Long Box I've been wanting for ever!

    And Fear 3 I'm waiting to open until my mate gets it as well and we can play co-op!

    Games I've actually played, to the end... ... ...

    WELL, I'm playing Gran Turismo 5 and have been off and on since day 1, but until they implement an in game save function for the TWENTY FOUR HOUR races, and YES you do have to race every minute of the 24hrs yourself. I'm not going to fry ANOTHER PS3 leaving it on for at least 3 days while I work my way through a 24hrs race in one sitting.

    Little Big Planet 2, had a lot of fun with this one just like the first one, but it didn't, and couldn't I suppose, feel as fresh and inventive as the first. And in fact several of the new bits in it felt forced just to have something new in it!
  • Final Fantasy XII and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect are brilliant games.

    I love the way that FFXII plays and the stuff with the Mark missions. Oh, and the weather changes were a great touch aswell, but they could be annoying if you've done the right thing at the wrong time. Not too keen on the story, but I wished the next FF games had the same fighting mechanics. I was disappointed they went back to the random fights again.

    TS:FP was a great sequel to what TS2 brought to the story. It's a shame that Free Radical went under as I was really looking forward to TS4. I think I posted a link here about TS4 last year.

    What's the significance of the RE US Long Box? And what's in MGS3:Subsistence that wasn't in the original MGS3? I did like MGS3, but I didn't think I could justify getting the rerelease after not really bothering to play MGS2:Substance after I replaced the original MGS2:SoL discs. I would have preferred to keep the bonus DVD from MGS2:SoL than have the bonus missions etc in MGS2:Substance. In fact, a few months ago I finally got MGS2:SoL again. Haven't got round to watching the DVD again yet though.
  • Re: MGS3 - The 3 disc MGS3 Subsistence pack was slightly different depending on where you got it.

    In the US it was a embossed limited edition 3 disc set which you got for Pre Ordering (although copies were still around to be found for a while after it came out). The first disc was Snake Eater with some small added content, the second disc was all the other bonus material (such as the funny cutscene mashups, modes and gameplay features, and other extras), plus MSX perfect ports of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The 3rd disc, exclusive to the Limited Edition, included the cinema mode which basically cut the entire game as a feature length movie (with little transitional scenes), which actually screened briefly in Japan in cinemas at the time the game came out.

    Plopper can probably confirm this for me, but I'm certain in the UK this 3rd disc was included in every version of the game sold from my understanding, so there was no Limited Edition. I have the PAL version here with the 3 discs which I purchased locally, but of course it was, just like MGS Twin Snakes, released in a very small number here. The PAL version of MGS2 Substance included the Document Of MGS2 for free (where as you had to buy that separate in the US), so I remember going to pick that up only to find it was selling for $140NZD (around $75USD at the time) again due to limited numbers brought in. The local Konami sub-distributors at the time were terrible for this.

    Kojima has stated via Twitter that the MGS3 in the HD set is the Subsistence version, meaning it includes the 2nd discs material and Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, but didn't mention if the 3rd discs content was also included.

    Re: RE Long Box - Game is the same, it just has a 1st generation US PlayStation longbox cardboard case, complete with artwork on the inside and long length instruction manual. I have that and Twisted Metal on my shelf. Oddly PAL versions never had longboxes, but these weird cardboard slim cases which only were sold for the first few months when the PS launched. My friend still has Mortal Kombat 3 in one, they don't shut properly

    Re: Arkham Asylum Collectors Set - I went for the AC collectors set this time just because over here they're seemingly throwing in too much pre-order stuff not to, so I can understand, but that AA set with the Batarang was a messy mistake from the then Eidos. I've never heard so many people complain about a CE set ever. Cheap plastic crap that was.

    Re: Uncharted / Dan - Yes, you totally should. I'm sure you can find both for next to nothing and (sadly somewhat - as Jayne inferred) even just to play through the story shouldn't take you more than 8-10 hours per game depending on your difficulty, quick enough that you'd catch up on the story before the 3rd game is out. In the US they released a GOTY edition for Uncharted 2 as well which had over $35USD of DLC content thrown in for free at a Greatest Hits regular price.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    Okay, thanks @Rombie and I will definitely pick those up soon, but I didn't see this and just bought God of War III and Just Dance 2 for the wife. Those'll keep me busy for a little while on the side while I finish up my current guidebook.
  • Thanks for the info Rombie, I'll have to check out the MGS3 differences and check which version I have. I really, really like the idea of the movie of it. I'd like to watch that.

    Still working my way through Deadly Premonition. I'm up to Chapter 10 so I've just done the third profiling scene (you get the call in the backyard of the diner). That was a bit gruesome!

    I decided to finish that chapter as it never appeared to rain so I couldn't do Emily's side missions. I already have the cheese but it was never raining so I could never get into her house. Hopefully I can still do that one in chapter 10.

    Still really enjoying it!

    Oh, and I found a cheap way to fill and fix your car. As I said before, I bought the convertible. To fill and fix it for nothing simply get into a police car and get out again. The next time you go into your own car it'll be 100% for both.

    But if you've got the radio you don't really need to do that unless you're going to the Mansion. Are there any missions in the mansion? I never really get the chance to speak to them when they're there.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
  • PlopperPlopper
  • @DanBirlew - Tis all good, you still made a good purchase with God of War 3 as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure you're a fan of the series, and then it's a good finisher to the main trilogy. :D

    @vincent - I forget if you're in the US, but if you are the US 3 disc LE has a red cover. The info for it is still on the official site:


    So if you go looking for it, thats the one you want. Has the full list of content on there too, but between Plopper and I we seem to have remembered most of it.

    @Plopper - Yeah I purchased the same original version of Snake Eater. If you pre-ordered all you got was a metal case which back then wasn't very common, but these days is almost industry standard for special editions but no other extras (other than the added content on the disc for the European edition).

    I'd completely forgotten about the MGS Online on MGS3S, but yeah the servers for that got taken offline prior to MGS4's release because of the MGOnline in that.

    As for the long boxes.... I had no idea about the sponge/foam insert. I'm sure it was just for packing purposes. Neither of mine have them, but RE does have the instruction manual. On one of the pages the person I brought it from here in NZ had filled out the order form for the strategy guide you could buy from Capcom for the game though. hah
  • PlopperPlopper
    You can see the foam insert in this listing!


    I may be wrong about it being a gimmick, but I do remember something!

    OK, so it bugged me that I couldn't remember so I've had a bit of a look, it looks like Resi was not the only game in it's long box version to get a sponge, so it wasn't for wiping off sweat because the game was that scary! Seems that it was for cleaning the disc!

    I like my idea better!
  • @Rombie - I'm in the UK (Dundee) so I'll be looking for the UK LE of MGS3:SE (or shoudl that be MGS3:SE:S? :-)) )

    @Plopper - so that's what the "long box" is. Looks just like the Saturn boxes, although I hope that RE one is sturdier than the cardboard-spined Saturn ones. I can't believe that type of case got out the door. Truely awful.

    I'd also say that the foam insert was simply internal padding for the case. I've seen that type of padding in other things. I thought my Aerosmith Pandora's Toys wooden box thing had one in it, but there isn't room for it.

    After the F1GP finished I played a bit more of Deadly Premonition and finally got the first of Emily's side missions done. I'm thinking the other 3 of hers are the same kinda thing, but I'm not getting them. I'm not able to finish off Raging Bull's one either (the gas station $1000). I've only got to pay him once more, but the option is never there.

    @Plopper - I noticed you playing Gears of War a couple of days ago. I didn't think that was your kinda thing? Shame you're not on Gold, we could've had some fun with that.
  • Having a wee problem on Deadly Premonition...

    I've just finished chapter 12 (where you've to tail Nick). I had got York's car from the General before doing this. When the stakeout kicks in you automatically change to a police car.

    Now I can't find York's car! Is there any way I can get it back? This happened before with the red convertible I had so I ended up buying Wesley's car to replace it, but I really want to get York's car back.

    I thought it'd be at the Galaxy of Terror (where I last had it), the Gallery, the Hotel, Sheriff's Station or the Junkyard but it's not in any of those places.

    Any ideas where it's gone?

    Still enjoying it though. The story bit in chapter 12 was really good. Hopefully it just keeps getting better and better. I'm about to do Cold Pot 4 and I know there's a mission for Nick but I can't get that yet. I'm hoping to finish off Emily's in this chapter aswell.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
  • @DanBirlew I never knew about that glitch, thanks for that. Thankfully it's not the problem I had.

    I had to do Lysander's missions as far as possible before I got the last $400 bribe for Jack. So, I had all the bonuses for the cars, I just didn't know where my car was.

    I have no idea what car the bonuses work on though as I'd changed car twice before finishing the bonuses, then I got York's car. York's car does seem to be resistant to damage and it can got at around 90mph so maybe the bonuses were on that? I never noticed a difference with the previous cars while getting the bonuses.

    All the cars I aquired have magically appeared in the Hotel car park. They certainly weren't there before I switched off earlier. I also managed to get the next Cold Pot (number 4?) done. I think I got George's car out of that.

    I'm liking the typewriter recaps at the end of certain chapters. They're a nice touch. And I was surprised when York got a visit after chapter 12's recap. I liked that bit. I just fear for what's coming up, I know something bad is going to happen to that person and I'm dreading it.

    As Coop would say it's a "damn fine" game :)

    Oh, and that refuelling/fixing glitch I mentioned earlier - it works with any 2 cars. I checked it in the Hotel car park.
  • JayneJayne
    I threw my elbow out playing Kinect bowling.

    carry on...
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    LOL @Jayne

    Was delivered God of War III yesterday. I've never in my life played a game with such an awesome opening, visually and story-wise. Should have bought this years ago, it would have been worth more than the Greatest Hits price, beyond doubt.

    Dino Crisis is just $2.99 on PSN, so how could I resist. Also saw Tactics Ogre, 3rd Birthday and Lord of Arcana dropped to $19.99. Probably just for this week, so disregard after.
  • JayneJayne
    God of War III is glorious in so may ways and also maddening. There's a boss fight early on that took me a few days, and another gang-up attack about 3/4 of the way through the game that likewise forced me to quit for a bit and come back later. I have a hard time handling the pressure in combat situations like that and my pulse starts pounding and I make a mistake. This has been a problem for me for all these many years. I might need therapy to deal with it. However, even with my combat anxiety, I did find that the final boss was something of a chump. This was probably intentional, though, as the final boss isn't the end of the game (you'll see). The greatness isn't so much in the fight but in the story telling. It's pretty amazing.

    I'm getting some pressure from peeps to get Dead Island. Got a text telling me I have to turn in my zombie-killer card if I don't get it at launch. I've promised to complain incessantly and eventually haunt these people and/or their children if I purchase this game at full price and it sucks. I'm still on the fence. With the rain today, chances are the local Gamestops will be inaccessible due to more flooding and the mall will be shut down again, so I have an excuse for waiting.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    @Jayne I'm sorry but you must text your peeps back and inform them that the "expert" says if you've finished Left 4 Dead, L4D2, zombie mode on Black Ops, or Resident Evil 2 discs A and B in 4 hours or less, then your zombie-killer card is permanent, lifetime, laminated, and irrevocable. ;)
  • Call of the Dead is about the only reason I'll play Black Ops. Loved the story to it. Loved George, Freddy et all acting stupid yet normal. Loved the fact it's rock hard. But it's also fun with a few players. If they bring out a game of the year edition then I'll happily pick that up for £20 second hand. I'll never play the story or multiplayer. If only they'd bring out Call of the Dead as a seperate stand alone Arcade title.

    Anyways I finished Deadly Premonition last week. Awesome game, Awesome story. Shame about the controls, but I really did get used to them in the end. Now to keep speaking about it without spoiling anything for Plopper (hurry up and take the seal off and play it ;) )

    I loved the twists. Somewere a bit obvious, but the way they were done was great. The only thing I really got stuck on was the boss fight at the top of the bell tower. I totally sucked at that. I had a full amount of every health kit and somehow managed to finish the fight with only 4 small ones left! It took me a while to figure out how to kill the final boss, but he wasn't too bad.

    I've yet to find all the cards (I think I've only got 47 of them) but can I go back to a previous chapter and get them aswell as finish the side missions? I've yet to do the last two of Emily and the last ones for Harry and Michael. I started Keith's one before finishing, but I decided to leave that as I wasn't expecting it to be quite what it was.

    Apart from that I've been playing Family Game Night 3 with Siouxsie. She sucks at Cluedo but has great luck in Game Of Life which kinda makes it fair. Don't like Yahtzee Hands Down at all. I'd prefer if it was actual Yahtzee. I don't even know why they bothered with Twister. They just turned that into a button pressing dance thing. And we found Mouse Trap a bit boring.

    Also still plowing through FFXIII. I've almost finished Titan's Trials (only one left) but I'm struggling with Gigantaur, Adamantortoise and the Rekjavik (I know that's not right). But I managed to beat Neochau (also probably not quite right) and get the Growth Egg so I'll be able to level up twice as fast now. 120000CP in 30 mins here I come! :)
  • I've finished L4D, L4D2, Resi 2 Leon in 1h.54m and Resi 2 Claire in 1h.56m! My card must be GOLD!
  • I remember trying to do RE2 in under 2 hours for each scenario to get Tofu unlocked. I never managed to get Tofu, but I can't remember if I managed under 2 hours. Can't find my memory cards to check either :(

    I've only played a demo of L4D and didn't actually like it much which was surprising as it's done by Valve isn't it? I love HL (with it's various add-ons), HL2 and Portal (even played a hell of a lot of DoD) but I just couldn't get into L4D.

    But does fully completing REmake on the GC count? And by that I mean unlocking absolutely everything up to and including the director's message? I managed that. Took a while to do, but it was fun doing it.
  • JayneJayne
    I never played RE2 all the way through. My card is more like one of the old Blockbuster cards where my name is misspelled in faded dot matrix and the laminating didn't quite seal right...

    But... I did rescue Gnome Chompsky from the Dark Carnivale on L4D2, so maybe I'll get a plastic card in the mail one of these days...
  • I still have ALL my memory card from back then (sad I know) and I managed to unlock Hunk and Tofu, completed Hunk a couple of times but never managed to get Tofu finished, if I remember right, I got up to the reception room on the second floor, about 50 zombies in there, I died!

    At the moment for the lead up to Gears Of War 3 I'm kind of playing through the first two again! Don't know if I'll get them finished before I buy the third, but that's the plan!

    STILL playing Gran Turismo 5 and still enjoying it. But they seriously need to add a save function for the 24 hour races before I'll even attempt them!
  • JayneJayne
    My arm's been twisted... I'm off to get Dead Island this weekend. The aforementioned texting bullies have described an experience with the game that I think I'd completely enjoy.... dammit...

    Off to GameStop/Target/Best Buy this weekend... maybe GameStop, then I can wander next door to Baja Fresh and get my faux-Mexican fix, seeing as how the flooding obliterated my preferred burrito shop...
  • After helping a friend get through Halo Reach on Legendary we decided to play Ilomilo tonight. A change from Game of Life or Cluedo from Family Game Night 3.

    I've already finished it solo, but Siouxsie's never played it and it reminded her of Kula World (a Swedish puzzler for the PS1 that's fairly difficult to get hold of), albeit a more relaxed version.

    We've almost finished the first chapter already (only 90mins so far) but she;s got the hang of it. I haven't told her about the creatures you can travel on or the Rubik's Cubes in space level near the end. She's gonna have kittens when she sees them :-D
  • I remember Kula World, I could never do it!

    I've finished Gears Of War 1 and have since started Gears Of War 2, two great games with not much wrong, OK they both still suffer from slow loading textures when you come out of a big cut-scene and 1 suffers from one of the most glitchy end of game boss fights I've ever played (I'm sure at times it slows down to a single figure frame rate) and it still has a re-arm exploit that has never been fixed. BUT even with all that, still two of the best produced games I've played.

    Also bought Red Dead Revolver off Amazon cheap, just to see were it all started! And man I'm glad I never played that one first as it would have put me off the follow up! It's not that it's a crap game, underneath it all there looks to be a good game, but man does it look BAD. I know it's partly the way that HD tellies display old school games, but you can't hit the enemy a couple of hundred feet away because you can't tell them apart from the trees, after a certain point all the pixels mush into one!
  • @Plopper - ^ I was so hyped for Revolver when it came out. Started as Angel Studios/Capcom release, then Capcom dropped it and Rockstar picked it up because of Angel's work on Midnight Club and then brought the studio. Revolver might not have been the best game but given the response to Redemption in the end, might have been one of the best moves Rockstar has ever made. Revolver got me stuck in quite a few places due to difficult distance enemy targeting, there is one level in particular which is a flash back near the later part of the game to a Civil War battle on a bridge which drove me insane.

    @Jayne - Did you get Dead Island? People I've talked to have not been that impressed by it so far, especially the bugs.

    @DanBirlew - Turns out not buying that Uncharted thing might have been good, a little while after I last posted Sony announced a US double pack for $39 which includes the GOTY edition of 2. Thats the one you should pick up.

    @vincent - Kula World is up on the UK PSN, I purchased it last year. If either of you are wanting to play it again, it's cheap on there. Also I played that Family Game Night 3 at a friends place last week, and I couldn't agree more about the content.

    I can't remember my fastest time finishing RE2 Claire, it was under 2 hours for sure, but I definently know I finished Leon's A game in 1 hour 19 mins once.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
  • @Rombie damn, we don't have a PS3. But we do still have a PS1 and the game. I never thought it would appear on PSN as I didn't think it was that popular.

    I'm pretty sure I finished it completely, by that I meant getting all the fruit and finishing all the bonus levels. It took a hell of a long time of retries (you can only save every 5 levels) but I think I managed it. If I didn't then I just missed one or two of the later bonus levels.

    I wish there were more addictive puzzle games like that on the 360. Actually, maybe not. I'd be going mad trying to finish them all and I'd never see sunlight again :-))

    @Plopper I've never noticed the frame rate drop on Gears 1 or 2. I just finished playing 1 on Hardcore a while ago and I did have to try and kill RAAM a few times thanks to Dom's AI being rubbish at times and during those tries I never noticed any glitches either. What actually happened and what is the re-arm glitch?

    Maybe I haven't noticed the frame rate because I'm not playing it in HD, only 480p. But I've never noticed a drop on Gears 2 at a mates in 1080p. And that's going through the story and horde a fair few times. Do you have it installed on the HD? I wonder if that'll make a difference with the framerate.
  • JayneJayne
    @Rombie-- Nope. It's sold out everywhere! I'm not sure how a game with a 7 out of 10 rating gets sold out, but it's happened. Within 10 miles of me, there is one Target, 2 Walmarts, 1 Best Buy, and 4 GameStops. It's sold out at my Target and those between home and work. Sold out at every Walmart in a 50 mile radius of home. The highway that leads to 3 of the 4 GameStops just reopened after all the hurricane flooding receeded, but it doesn't matter because all GameStops south of me are sold out and the one to the north only has the PS3 edition. A co-worker picked up the last copy at the GameStop by work, and Jim's friend had to go on an adventure up and down the NJ Turnpike to find it. So it ended up costing him US$59.99 plus tolls.

    I take this as a sign not to bother for a while. However, Jim's buddy, the leader of the texting bullies, loves it. He says its RPG elements are what keep it fun and interesting, plus the environments are great. He's also a huge online co-op player, but hasn't even tried online yet because the single player campaign is so much fun. Or so he says.

    As it happened, Jim bought me Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, so I'll be happy with that for a while. I also busted out Child of Eden yesterday (better than watching all the 9-11 stuff), and found it to be quite a bit of fun when one's not bone tired. It helps that I also understand the rhythm aspect of it. It's like... conducting a techno orchestra while playing asteroids during some kind of CG-fied update of Disney's Fantasia.

    @Plopper - I never had a frame rate drop, either. I was playing on a HD-TV with the enhanced refresh rate, but my TV also has a game setting, so maybe that helps. Could it be your system? I played it on my newer Red Elite (which ironically now has trouble reading disks...)
  • @DanBirlew - Ah, not a twitter fiend myself, so I def didn't see that on there. But that is an exceptional deal to me.

    @vincent - I'd say keep them then, not that I don't think that you wouldn't have. They also have Kurushi Final on there (which I also already, and still, own on disc) but not the original one. I think the love for Kula World and Kurushi stem entirely from the fact they were both on the PS1 demo discs for many years. That's where I played both of them first. I think I got about half way through Kula World. I just kept getting stuck.

    @Jayne - The sell out of copies doesn't surprise me. The game launched it's way up the public announcement with that amazing trailer (even though the game has been 5 years in the making) and so everyone wanted it. I expect it'll top the NPD data for both 360 and PS3 editions. I'm glad you've heard of people enjoying it, I've seen good comments about aspects but then most people say it's far better as a co-op experience (ala L4D) than a single player one. Story is flimsy, missions get very repetitive (although it scales so you don't grind for levels as much), but most people are put off by the heavy amount of bugs (poor loading locations, save file glitches, visual issues, game lock ups). I had at one stage thought about buying it (especially as the SE was only $9 more than the regular one) but I'm kinda glad I reconsidered and decided to rent first. I'll probably give it a try next week sometime.

    Been getting a little nostalgic in my gaming sense the last few days, been watching the Top 100 Trailers countdown at GameTrailers.com. I don't care what the order is, but it's good seeing clips of trailers I haven't in a lot of cases seen in years.

  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    @Plopper may also depend on your hardware and updates. I have a second model Xbox (from like, 6 years ago) with only component out, and when I first got Gears 2 the frames would freeze for a quarter second sometimes, especially during complex cut-scenes with massive creatures in the background. A hardware update sometime between Gears 2's release and now seems to have cleared that up a bit, and there's only a slight freeze whenever something really massive happens really far in the distance. Epic really pushed the system to its limit, and PC gamers with a high-spec rig can probably have a smoother experience (although the graphics wouldn't be any improved over 360 specs). However, my old 360 still provides me with screen-tearing and split-screens sometimes. Maybe I could reduce this by getting a new slim model? But I haven't heard any confirmation that the slim's newer graphic chip does anything significantly better, frame-wise. The lack of screen-tearing on PS3 is probably why I prefer to play multi-console games on it, nowadays....
  • JayneJayne
    I have a slim model 360, too. It definitely runs faster and quieter than both the c.a. 2008 Elite and the Red Elite. Here's something else to consider-- have you tried installing it?

    When the Red Elite decided that it wasn't going to read disks during gameplay, I tried installing the games. I noticed that on Fallout 3 and New Vegas, there was mist in the environment where there wasn't mist before, playing off the disk. I had some slowdown issues with Alan Wake that went away after installation. Maybe trying this would help.
  • Forgot to mention that I didn't really notice a difference from playing it in the past un-installed and now re-playing it installed on the HDD! But they did say not all games will benefit from installing!

    It may very well me own to the hardware as I have an Elite yes, but from the time JUST before they started bringing out a few different boards for the 360 to try and fix the RROD problem!

    I feel the need to qualify my Revival comments! Playing Code Veronica from it today I've noticed thing that really sadden me! If you look closely the textures of things like the architecture EVERYTHING is now a 2D MUSH were as even on the Dreamcast and PS2 they are proper 3D with a good bit of depth to them. The character models have improved, but a LOT of the 3D environments seem to have NOT!
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    @Jayne, I doubt that question was for just me, but I just wanted to answer for my part: I do indeed install games when I'm going to be playing them frequently, and frame stutters aren't such an issue on most titles. Both problems (scene stutters and frame-tearing) persisted even with Gears installed on the HDD at the time. Whereas with most of my PS3 disc-based games I don't install (unless there's a mandatory install), and don't feel the need to.
  • Thing is it's two different companies with two different ways of doing things.

    Microsoft to make things run smoother (without screen tearing) allow companies to switch off V-Sync.

    Sony on the other had do not allow companies to turn V-sync off.

    That's NOT a hard and firm rule, but if you ever watch any of these game comparison tests, it's 90% the case.
  • I'm the same, I always install things that I'll be playing a lot. I even installed Halo 3 even though it's apparently optimised on the disc and doesn't benefit from the speed of the HD. I just like to reduce the wear and tear of the discs and drives. And it also gets rid of the whirr of the disc going round.

    I've been playing a bit more of FFXIII and I'm still not able to kill Gigantaur. I've only got 3 marks to kill and I can't do any of them until I get certain accessories which means a lot of Gil grinding :-|

    We got Monopoly Streets a couple of days ago. Wish we hadn't bothered. You've basically GOT to buy the property you land on. that changes the whole dynamic of the game and there's no way of changing that option. You either buy it outright or auction it. If you go for an auction then you can actually buy it for $0 if nobody bids.

    Absolutely ridiculous screwup of a fine game. I guess we'll be breaking out the Simpsons board game version from now on.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    Finished Chains of Olympus again, it's nice to replay a game several years later. Chains is too friggin short, compared to the other God of War games. Even Ghost of Sparta seems much longer and has a much better story.

    Still cracking away at a guide project and still playing God of War III, but only sometimes on the latter since I prefer to play it on the plasma in the living room, and those opportunities are rare. Recently realized that I downloaded InFamous after the Sony network re-launch, and forgot to install and play it! So I spent a little time with that, last time I was on the PS3. Was impressed at the early moments of the game, but the story line doesn't hold much mystery (I've pretty much figured the ending, holding off looking it up to see if I'm right, so don't spoil it please). Also, once you figure out the mechanics of the game, you find yourself just doing the same thing over and over. Not one of the greatest PS3 games I've played thus far, but I'll continue with it and see if it develops. But I strongly prefer a game concept and/or story that grabs you right away, instead of one that takes 10+ hours game time to gel.
  • @DanBirlew - I thought Infamous was great. The added irony of that statement for me to was that I ignored Infamous when it came out, and the only reason I even played it was I traded a copy of Heavy Rain with a guy I know for Street Fighter 4, something else I forget, and Infamous. And I left Infamous for last. But I ended up enjoying more than most of what I'd played for the last several months once I did pick it up.

    I just found the controls fluid and responsive, the gameplay as varied as you wanted it to be (especially when start mixing up stunts and different moves). It does drag if you go looking for everything, missions to take over the city and the like. But I definitely found it to be a game I could pick up for an hour or so and finish a few missions, then come back to again and repeat that. Like Assassin's Creed, it's not something you want to spend hours doing the same activities, but it's fun enough to pick up infrequently.

    To top it off, to continue the tenuous Assassin's Creed comments - the sequel to Infamous improves on everything as well. Missions are less repetitive, the story and characters improve nicely, and the controls are even more fluid and fun.

    I won't spoil the ending, but I'm interested to see what you think though. Shoot me a PM with your thoughts on what the ending is (let me know if your going for Positive or Negative Karma though, there are two endings - slightly different). With both your VG and writing experience, I'm going to be interested to see how close to the mark you are.

    @plopper - I watched some video of bio4/biocvx from that set. Code Veronica looks darker, less blue... it has a almost too much red color switch (from the earlier foggy blue look). People said to me for an HD edition of an almost 12 year old Dreamcast game, they've done great work with the lighting, but I think the "mush" is from this weird depth of field filter they've put on it, where one point of each camera is in focus but everything in front or behind it is not.
  • Going back to Gears for a minute. I think Plopper mentioned that it still loads up the textures after the loading screen disappears.

    That's fairly normal for an Unreal Engine based game. I've seen it happen in Wolverine Uncaged Edition, Gears 1 and 2, Alien Breed (the first one) and possibly a few other things I can't remember. It's not so noticable in Alien Breed as that's an isometric 3rd person game so you're further away from teh textures, but Gears 2 is the worst culprit.

    The only Unreal game I've played that it doesn't happen in is Splinter Cell Conviction, but the loading times on that are longer than on Gears and Wolverine so maybe they've programmed it to wait until absolutely everything has been loaded before giving you control.

    And the frame rate thing, I've played Gears 1 & 2 on my xbox (3 years old) in 480p and on another older xbox (5 years old at least) in 1080p. Both consoles had it installed and there had never been a frame rate issue. There was a pause once during the flight fight at the end of 2, but that was immediately before the last cutscene so I think it was due to the loading of that instead.

    Maybe you've just been unlucky with the glitches you've seen and got them all at once! That's the kind of luck I'd have.
  • JayneJayne
    Dead Island is still sold out... Best Buy had it for 5 minutes, but by the time I got there, it was gone.

    I totally forgot about Infamous! The preview trailer thing was playing on a continuous loop at Best Buy before its launch and it looked great. Someone compared the first Infamous to Prototype, which didn't impress me, but the second game looked really neat-o.

    Do I need to play #1 to understand what's going on in #2? I'm due a decent expense reimbursement for a really sucky commute to and from a jobsite over the last month, and I'm itching to spend it... I'll get both if I have to, or I can just get the second one and wait on Uncharted or Dead Island, whenever it gets back in stock.
  • DanBirlewDanBirlew
    Was at Insert Coins last night, which is a hip downtown bar here in Vegas full of classic arcade game cabinets and also tables with bottle service, two plasma screens per booth, and whatever consoles and games you want to play. One of the consoles had Dead Island in it, playing the title screen demo on a loop. Ironic to be half-drunk in a bar watching a rendered scene from the perspective of a drunk in a bar. And of course the occasional zombie jumping on someone's back for a quick bite makes you kinda look around Insert Coins with an uneasy feeling. ;)

    Okay @Rombie I'll PM you now. Or whatever this Vanilla software does that resembles a PM. ~X(

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