Dead Space and Dead Space 2
  • Just heard about these games from an article I read in Maximum PC magazine. How do these rate as games in general, and specifically as "survival horror"?

    Also which version is best... PC/XBox360/PS3?
  • RombieRombie
  • JayneJayne
    I only played the first one on the 360. I had no qualms with the gameplay, and the level-up/modification system for the weapons allowed a level of personalization of the experience. I liked that.

    As far as the scary part... to use the Stephen King Scariness Spectrum (, I'd say Dead Space was solidly in revulsion, and maybe bordering on horror. It's not in the terror zone that was really only well achieved by Silent Hill, and, IMO, the Fatal Frame games. What Rombie said is true-- some things make you jump, and there's a pervasive creepiness, but for me, who is scared by dust bunnies in the basement, I didn't find it really scary in a way that kept me up at night or had me looking over my shoulder.
  • RombieRombie
    I should probably say the jump out and scare thing is good at first, but then it wears off quickly because it's being done over and over again to the point where it became slightly redundant. Things coming out of airvents all the time and nothing else for the most part. Additionally the game starts telephoning in scripted lock down events. You arrive in a room and there is heaps of weapons and space to fight and you know that sometime very soon this room will become a trap and you'll have to kill a swarm of incoming enemies before you can leave again. The bosses are solid fights, there is some on-rails shooting stuff which is horrible, but it's a solid title overall.

    Additionally it has a +new game mode, so you can go back through and unlock items/weapon upgrades for everything because you won't be able to do it on just one playthrough.

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