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  • JayneJayne
    If anyone's played, I'm stuck (physically) at one point and can't progress.


    I'm about at the halfway point, I think, where Ezio sets off for Venice with Leonardo, and the researchers take Desmond out of the Animus.  He goes to the warehouse to demonstrate his skills for Lucy, then has a flashback where he's back in Acre as Altair.


    My problem:  I'm stuck climbing the tower at the end of the chase between Altair and his target.   Altair can climb up to the balcony about half way up the tower (it overlooks the interior of Acre).  There's a door there and a wooden beam with a lantern hanging from it.  The next fingerholds for Altair appear to be on the decorative concourse about 10 feet above the beam/top of the door.  I've tried standing on the wall surrounding the balcony and wall running to reach the next level.  I've tried jumping (from everywhere) to grab onto the wooden piece and use that to get the height to climb up.  I can't grab onto the top of the door (the doorframe sticks out a bit, and would be grabbable in other locations), so I can't hand-over-hand onto the wooden beam.  I've climbed down and shimmied all the way around the tower looking for another way up, and can't find one.  Altair has fallen to his death many times because I've tried to jump from one side of the balcony to the beam, but the collision area appears to repel any such attempts, and he goes sailing over the edge onto the rocks below.  Every time he dies, the ENTIRE SEQUENCE beginning with Desmond's reappearance in Acre starts again, so I have to chase the target and begin the climb, and this after an annoying load screen.  It's getting to me because aside from this issue, I'm loving this game, and I really want to finish it.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I realize I could check one of the FAQs out there, but I'd rather have our folks help me out first, if possible.  I end up reading ahead in the FAQs, which ruins surprises.
  • RombieRombie
    Are you still stuck here? Sorry if you're not. I went to originally reply to this but needed to look into it again, and got kinda side tracked. I finished the main game months back now, just have a few extra missions and feathers to collect now so I'm a bit hazy about it.

    I do remember having simular problems with getting him to climb up part of that tower. I know there is a beam somewhere where you have to awkwardly jump or shimmy out to end of one of the beam and then climb up on top of it so that you can climb further, but without replaying it again exactly I can't be of any more help.

    The only reason I knew what to try in the end was just due to having to do something simular at one of the view points in Romagna where the best way to climb up was to jump out and grab the very end of the beam to climb up quickly.
  • JayneJayne
    I did get it, eventually.  You have to jump straight up.  It's a move you almost never make on purpose in the course of the game.  I think they made a mistake, actually, because in any other scenario, you could have grabbed onto the door frame and hand-over-hand shimmied onto it. 

    The things that I dreaded from that point forward, though, were the timed missions.  Good grief.  The controls are usually pretty good, but when you have to sprint, it is way too easy to be a hair off in the line-up, and next thing you know, Enzo falling in a canal or to his death.  The mandatory race in Venice took me way too long, and the last Assassin's Tomb, the one with the speed-race obstacle course in the underground grotto, cheesed me off enough that I didn't want to continue playing.  What sadist puts a new and very touchy skill in the middle of a timed section?

    My vote for least favorite animation is consequently the "woah, almost fell off the edge!" animation.  It eats like 4 seconds to complete, and triggers way too easily. During a race or timed event, this drove me bonkers, because Ezio could be one scale inch to the right or left of one of those rope bridges between rooftops, and he'd go through this nonsense.  Bah.

    On the upside, I've read that the game is short and blah blah... I totally don't agree.  I've taken the time to do all the Assassin's Tombs, glyphs, and upgrade the villa, and I'm about 75% done after many weekends of play. I did one (1) beat-up event and 2 assassination contracts. There's so much left to do when the game is over, I figure I'll be at it for months.
  • RombieRombie
    Ayup, yeah that jumping straight up to the end of the beam is what I was meaning. Just near the boat to Venice there is a look out tower that you can do the same thing to, which is the one I mentioned - and as I said, due to that was the only reason I don't think the flash back to Altair didn't stop me.

    I didn't find the timed missions too bad in the end, there is generally enough wiggle room and if you play through a couple of times you eventually find a direct path that doesn't seem too impacted by control issues, as in that the developers had made one specific path for the timed mission. The problem though is that feels like it breaks the "do it your own way" climing/scaling/jumping aspect a bit though. I do concur that the last Tomb is

    The last part of the game is fairly rushed to a conclusion which is a shame, because aside from that I do agree - it's not that short and there is plenty of side quests and events. Additionally there is some missing chapters DLC which is fairly cheap and each chapter is a couple of hours each. Nothing amazing, but it adds to it. 

    Additionally it is a sequel done right (as is Red Dead Redemtion looking as well), in that it attempts to fix the issues with the game before it and succeeds well in trying. It's not perfect but it's definently an improvement.

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