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    Important announcements relating to these forums, Dan Birlew and
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    Discuss anything and everything in this forum, no matter what the topic.
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  • Hello and Goodbye
    Announce your arrival, or tell us all to kiss off! Make yourself known herein.
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  • Computers
    Discuss computer parts, systems, or software, and any resulting problems.
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  • Video Games
    Discuss video game quality, the industry, post help questions, or help others.
    52 discussions 822 commentsMost recent: Silent Hill P.T.? by RombieJuly 2015
  • Gizmos and Gadgets
    Discuss technological products and their impact, or lack thereof.
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    Discuss your current and/or favorite reading literature in this forum.
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  • Film
    Discuss any theatrical film, coming soon or already released, either in theaters or on DVD.
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  • Anime
    Discussion of Japanese Anime and other animation.
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    Discuss your favorite tv shows and series.
    30 discussions 244 commentsMost recent: Dead Set by PlopperApril 2013
  • LOST
    Discussion of the mysterious television series.
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