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Deady Premonition Guide is a Thing of Beauty

Deadly Premonition Guide is a Thing of Beauty

Posted May 4th, 2012 at 10:27am by Dan Birlew in Strategy Guides. 1 Comment on Deadly Premonition Guide is a Thing of Beauty

Deadly Premonition fan site Welcome to Greenvale continues striving to be the number one source of information on the polarizing Xbox 360 game that either puzzled or enchanted gamers and reviewers back in 2010. Web master and graphic designer Whitney Chavis (@chemi_ro) who once interviewed me (here) has been doing quite a bit of work lately on her 100% Completion Guide, which is now nearly finished. The results are extremely impressive, boasting not only fantastic graphic design and web development, but also concise and excellent guidance for the game. The entire content is on a single page, and features tons of graphics. Virtually every section has it’s own unique layout, breaking up the content into visually pleasurable bites, with backgrounds cultivated from screenshots pertaining to the task at hand. All of the game’s side missions are handled as they become available during the course of the game, and there are plenty of other good tips and sidebars with fantastic graphic presentation throughout. Other World encounters are contained in specialized sections with an appropriately ominous red background.

Whitney’s work is really great, and translates the feel of the game directly into her guide. Though Deadly Premonition is starting to age as a video game, Welcome to Greenvale’s 100% Completion Guide certainly sets a high bar as far as online guide presentation goes. Though I’ve posted a guide or two at this site, I certainly haven’t put the same amount of effort into them. For example, my Silent Hill Map-based Walkthrough took me only two days to slap together, and looks like it. I’m honestly inspired by Whitney’s efforts and the result, and offer this posting as a round of loud applause.

Click here to view Welcome to Greenvale’s 100% Completion Guide

Notable Features:

Deadly Premonition Guide Tip Box

Tip boxes each have unique layouts!

Deadly Premonition Guide Other World Section

Other World sections highlighted with their own beautiful layout.

Deadly Premonition Sidebar

A sidebar about the fishing minigame featuring great layout work.

Deadly Premonition Race Map

Excellent coverage of racing challenges include detailed maps and video.

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One Response to “Deadly Premonition Guide is a Thing of Beauty”

  1. I just want to say that I’ve been a fairly regular visitor to that site for all the Silent Hill info there. When I started playing Deadly Premonition it was my one-stop-shop for any difficulties I was having.

    It’s a phenomenal guide. The final version is going to be something to behold.

    I’d absolutely love to have it as a printed book but I guess there’s little chance of that ever happening.

    Congrats on the brilliant job so far Whitney!