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Trash throngs of dead-heads in five time zones with a variety of weapons.

I Love Age of Zombies!

Age of Zombies is Halfbrick Studio’s new “mini” for the PSP and PS3 available from the PlayStation Network store. It’s an addictive, old-school gaming experience that you’ll play repeatedly and won’t regret.

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Modern Warfare 2: Day One

As most of you might suspect, Modern Warfare 2 is really just more of the same. But since the Call of Duty series has been such an exceptional franchise since its inception, that’s hardly a bad thing.

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Left 4 Dead is still scary.

Games for Halloween

Experience some horror this Halloween by trying out these recommendations for scary experiences on your favorite video game console.

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Silent Hill: A Love Story

Though the original Silent Hill is showing its age, it’s still fun to remember how badly this game scared you. Using a flashlight to explore the dark and having a hard time seeing monsters was part of the fun…and also the main ingredient of fear.

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